Spark Factory’s Response to COVID-19

A Note From Our Founder

To our Spark Factory family,

We’ve been thinking a lot about you lately — our customers, our employees, and our greater communities. Your health and safety are our top priorities and at the heart of every decision, we make. We believe it’s critical to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Here are some of the steps we are taking to protect everyone in this ever-evolving situation.

  • We are working tirelessly to make sure that your rankings on Google and other Search Engines, Paid Search and Social Media Channels stay up to date.
  • We are diligently following guidelines and best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Until further notice for appointments, but we are available online Monday-Sunday. If you need to restart your business, you can call or text 757-210-9439 Monday – Friday.

Our customer service team is available to answer any questions about your experience, work with you on the best delivery option, and provide more information on the many precautions we’re taking to protect your health and safety. Email:

  • We are equally committed to taking care of our team. 
  • We are asking individuals to refrain from travel unless critical, and have established quarantine procedures after traveling to high-risk areas.
  • We are providing resources to help employees modify how they work, including flex scheduling.
  • We have created forums to keep employees connected and up to date with information to help them stay healthy.

While the environment around us is uncertain, we take comfort in the fact that we have a world-class team and a compassionate and loyal community of customers. We stand ready to serve and hope that our websites, apps, and social channels can be a source of support, inspiration, and solutions for you — because sometimes we all need a break from the news.

Thank you for being a part of the Spark Factory family,

Scott Aadal, Founder and Chief Digital Officer