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Are you still using PDF menus?


If you’re using a PDF menu, you’re losing a lot of business!

Have you ever tried to read a PDF menu on your phone?  It is irritating, at best.
In fact, our frustration with local restaurant websites pushed us to create a better, affordable solution.

Mobile Online Ordering - Integrates with Any Website

See How it Works

No Commissions & Unlimited Orders


Third-party vendors take 20%+ of your profits. Own your online ordering revenue.

80% of restaurant websites are viewed on mobile devices.

Consumers expect a good online experience.

Google can not read or index your PDF menu.

45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often.

63% of consumers agree that it is more convenient to get delivery than dining out with a family.

60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.

Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will exceed $38 billion in 2020.


Stop Giving Your Profits Away to Grubhub, Uber & Door Dash!

Keep more of your margins with your own online ordering system. Meet your customers where they are – your website, Facebook, or a branded mobile app.

60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.

70% of consumers say they’d rather order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party.

67% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.

From February to April there was a 169% increase in the number of restaurants actively using Online Ordering

In large suburbs, online ordering has grown by 3,868% since February.


How does your website look and work on mobile?

We also offer professionally designed, responsive websites launched in one to three weeks.  Complete with a mobile-friendly menu, online ordering, content updates, specials, and credit card processing.  Upgrades include a mobile app, events, delivery, promotions, reviews, blog, multiple locations, reservations, gift cards, and merchandise.  Packages starting as low as $199 per month, per location. We do all the work updating menus, websites, and more.

We will create flyers for free to help you get the word out to all your customers about your new Sales Optimized Website and you can even have your own branded mobile app.

Order Now and Start Selling Online!

All the Benefits for No Commission

Website Ordering Widget

The widget will add a “See MENU & Order” button to your website and start sending orders your way.

Facebook Ordering App

This app adds a “See MENU & Order” button to your Facebook page so your fans can order directly.

Mobile Ordering

Our online ordering works also for mobile devices. Your customers can conveniently order from anywhere they are.

Real-time Ordering

We keep your customer engaged while you review the order and display the order confirmation in real-time.

Table Reservations Widget

The widget will add a “Table Reservations” button to your website so that customers can easily book a table in advance.

Order Ahead for Reservations

When enabled, this feature allows customers to order food in advance when making a table reservation.

Online / Credit Card Payment Service

Connects the ordering system with your payment gateway. This way you accept online payments directly into your account (the money does not pass through us) via Stripe for $29 per month directly with them.

Sales Optimized Website

Sales Optimized mobile-friendly website that’s highly optimized for search engines. The domain is included, but you can also use an existing one. Everything is designed to generate more online orders.


I already have a website, can you integrate your menus to my website?

Yes, we would love too!

Do you take a percentage or commission?

No, we only charge to set up and a monthly fee to cover the maintenance, security & up keep of the site.

How do I print receipts?

Just add your printer to your phone and print to any WiFi-enabled printer. Online users get receipts via email.

Can I use Paypal?

Yes, but you will need a Paypal business account. We suggest

How do I get my orders?

We have a free mobile app that your cashier will use.

Can I custom brand your app?

Of course, we would love to brand our app for you.

How will we let customer know we're online?

We will provide you a free flyer to print and add to all takeout orders.

Do you offer marketing help?

We’re glad you asked! We’d love to help you with your marketing. Schedule 15 minutes and one of our pros will help you.


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