Why Is Content Marketing so Valuable?

There are many different techniques that can be used to market a business online. There are more and more innovations in the marketing world every day. Chances are that the number of options is only going to increase in the future. This is already creating problems for businesses, as they cannot decide which type of marketing would be best for them.

Although companies have different needs,  every company uses a marketing method that best suits it. There is one marketing discipline that all businesses can benefit from, content marketing. Over 90% of companies in the world have some form of content strategy and here is why.

Content marketing helps you improve SEO

blogging through content marketing

Content marketing is not isolated from all other marketing techniques. It has a great effect on many of them, particularly SEO. Since SEO directly relies on text and code, writing a lot of content can make a huge impact on the Search Engine Results Pages.

You should optimize your website thoroughly, but you also need to keep publishing new content to increase rankings. It’s not uncommon to see people adding a content schedule which includes writing and publishing new content.

New articles or blog posts give you the opportunity to rank for the keywords you want and provide visitors with a great user experience which is now directly connected to SEO.

It’s the catalyst for all other marketing strategies

content marketing process
Quality content is required for almost all marketing strategies. For example, if you want to launch a successful email marketing campaign, you need content that will offer value to people and engage them. Your emails should offer people something new and get their attention.

Social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods. However, it cannot be effective unless you have your own unique content to share and spread on various pages or groups. Fresh content shared on social media can help a business present itself, and its services and products while driving more people to your website.

Content helps you establish the brand presence

No matter how unique you think your business is, chances are that there are hundreds of similar companies out there doing the same thing. This means that it can be very difficult to get your business noticed and this is where branding can help.

Sadly, not all companies have the resources to perform proper branding. However, creating quality content and publishing new material regularly allows you to express your business values, provide information to customers, help them get to know your brand, learn about your goals and policies, and so on.

Simply put, content can help you establish a brand and help your audience get to know it better.

Content marketing boosts traffic

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With a consistent content marketing strategy, you will greatly increase your rankings in the SERPs, which will lead to a lot of organic traffic on your website. On top of that, since every new blog post or article is a chance to rank for a different keyword and talk about a different subject, you will also be able to bring new readers to your site through this content.

At the same time, you will increase the chance of them learning more about your whole site. On top of that, if you plan on creating a PPC campaign, it’s generally a good idea to optimize your content for the same keywords that you are using in your campaign to create a more effective strategy.

Content is an essential marketing tool and every business needs to have a good content marketing strategy if it wants to grow in the long term. It will unify all your online assets, as well as your marketing strategies and solidify your presence as an expert.

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