Why You Can No Longer Do Without a Social Media Audit

Few advertising techniques are an indispensable and effective as social media marketing. Social media audits guarantee that you have a competitive edge on the market. All while being both stress-free and profitable, popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help you interact and engage with your customers, increase your SEO rankings and website traffic, and contribute to your company’s brand awareness and authority. It sounds too good to pass on, right?

Sure, social media has become a vital part of today’s marketing strategies, but only when campaign efforts are continuously tracked, evaluated, and optimized.

Here’s how official audit guarantees stellar results, and why you can no longer do without it.

Social Media Audits Close the Gaps

When we say that social media marketing is stress-free, it’s only because it can be successfully automated. But that still doesn’t mean that this type of promotional campaigns requires no hard work and patience. There are many moving parts to social media, and many gaps for you to circumvent.

Are you targeting the right people? Have their habits changed over the past few months? How successful are your processes for engaging and following up? The purpose of a social media audit is to answer these puzzling questions and thus pinpoint the areas and strategies that must be improved.

Audits Put the Power in Your Hands

Knowledge truly is power, but only when the information you receive is actionable enough to make a change for the better. Social media audits can equip you with two types of actionable insight – the one that reveals your mistakes and oversights, and the one that identifies strengths in your strategy.

The ability to measure your KPIs will allow you to achieve your goals much faster, but not only that. Audits are of crucial importance because they empower you to know which areas to focus on, just as well as how to allocate your marketing budget, and which areas to invest your limited resources in.

They Boost Campaigns with Expert Tips

Finding a reliable social media manager is not exactly a walk in the park, which is why audits are becoming more and more popular in the first place. One step at the time, they are being conducted by field experts with plenty of experience and a myriad of top-notch marketing tips, ideas, and pieces of advice.

And no, you cannot rely on online marketing guides alone – even when they are well researched and written, they are still too generalized. The social media climate is changing in ways that only seasoned experts can predict; it’s only with a professional analyst on your side that you can expect a higher ROI.

Audits Uncover New Opportunities

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Regardless of how many social media leads you to succeed to convert, there’s always room for more. No marketing manager can cover all platforms and campaigns without any help, but a single comprehensive audit can determine all opportunities that you’ve missed, plus the ways to grab them.

If you’re running Facebook ads, for instance, an audit will enhance your insight, analyze current performance, and offer additional ad strategies to explore. The same applies to increasing organic engagement, boosting content, and employing other tactics for driving traffic, leads, and conversions.

Audits Guarantee Competitive Edge

The problem is, you’re not the only one who’s trying to market their business on social media. With around two billion active daily users, the most popular online platforms present the largest customer pool in the world. Whatever goal you’re set to achieve, you simply won’t be able to avoid competition.

At least not without a social media audit. It will allow you to reveal your competitors’ weaknesses, use them to your advantage, and find areas and practices that still haven’t been as widely explored. Audits are brilliant for spying on your competitors’ social media strategies, and for beating them to the punch.

A social media audit gives you a unique chance to identify which marketing techniques are successfully hitting predefined objectives versus which ones must be revisited. Only this type of knowledge can help you execute campaigns with certainty, and enhance their reach with new and improved tactics.

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