Realtor SEO: How to Set Up SEO Campaigns for a Realtor

A job of a realtor is based on aesthetics. When selling real estate, no matter if it’s a cozy studio apartment or a luxury mansion, you need to be aware of the fact that people are ready to go over their funds if they fall in love with the place. Realtor SEO is about making sure your curbside appeal conveys the message to search engines that your website is authoritative.

But you already know the tricks for that – freshly baked cookies that invite a family into a home, beautiful flowers so that visitors can start feeling like they live there, etc.

Well, that is the same way you should treat your realtor SEO campaign – like it’s missing those fine touches, like flowers and cookies.

What Can Good SEO do for a Realtor?

First of all, you should understand what a proper SEO campaign can do for your business. Once you understand its benefits, you’ll be properly motivated to conduct effective campaigns.

For starters, it will increase the number of your website visitors. Considering the fact that over ninety percent of buyers who are in need of a new property start their search online, the number of your clients can grow significantly if you do this right.

So, with a quality SEO campaign, your clients will be able to reach you faster. But not only that – they will be able to find a piece of information they are in need of in a matter of seconds. Transparency in information is a very important feature that clients find necessary, and proper SEO can help you with it as well.

Responsive Design


Optimizing your website is where you need to start. For you to be able to fill your pages with content, your website needs to be fully functional.

When we speak about a realtor website, it’s very important to mention that visual content needs to be emphasized. You can lose a lot of potential clients if you hide your real estate and your clients. Remember – transparency is your primary goal.

However, you need to make sure that your website is responsive and offers a great experience on mobile platforms. There are almost five billion smartphone users in the world, most of them addicted to their phones, so you can be sure that they will go straight to your competition if they can’t browse through your website on their phone.

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Local SEO Keywords

A great thing about your line of work is that you only have to focus on the local market. When you have a business that operates globally, it’s far more difficult to get ahead of your competition. Therefore, your realtor SEO campaign needs to be focused on the name of the area you work in.

However, you need to have in mind that keyword stuffing won’t get you anywhere. As a matter of fact, Google will just mark you as a spam website, and your business will be pushed back to the search results pages no one ever visits. Therefore, make sure to use your keywords wisely.

Regular Blog Posts

An active blog on your website will help with your ranking in the SERPs, but it will also spark your audience’s curiosity and get them interested in what you have to say.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to create a blog post about every piece of real estate you’re offering, make it a detailed one and offer as much information as possible. Interestingly enough, this is where natural SEO comes in; you can’t really describe a property without mentioning the specifics about its location.

Social Media Activity


After you’ve built a responsive website, filled your pages with the proper local keywords, and once you’ve increased your blog post activity, you should focus on mixing SEO with marketing on social media.

Naturally, you should also pay attention to your posts as well – this is another way to spread out information while using SEO phrases connected to your business and location.

As you can see, it’s first necessary to build a strong basis. By doing so, you can continue your realtor SEO campaign through regular website updates, blog posts, and social media activity. With this kind of effort, the number of website visitors and satisfied clients can only increase.
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