Why You Need A Philadelphia SEO Consultant


Search Engine Optimization is the foundation on which you can establish a better online position for your company. Here at Spark factory SEO, a Philadelphia SEO company, we will help you navigate through the dynamic landscape of SEO and increase the visibility of your brand. Just take our Website Fit Test to see if your webpage is optimized.

As a Philadelphia SEO company, we also know how important local SEO is, and how fundamental it is in attracting more customers. Since all the major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have one thing in common – making sure that users get what they want – our services are designed to help you align your goals with those of major search engines.

Why Should You Invest in a Philadelphia SEO Consultant’s Services?

A continuous effort in building an SEO friendly online infrastructure became increasingly important with better internet connections, the popularization of smartphones and an increasing number of people who tend to perform an online search to find information on which they will base their purchasing decision.

If you are wondering whether you should invest in SEO, here is a list of compelling reasons why you should give SEO a chance:

SEO is a Proven Strategy That Still Works

With the development of digital marketing, many new viable marketing strategies became standards in an online marketer’s toolbox. Some of these are content and social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing. But SEO has the ability to encompass everything else.

Today, we are living in a customer-centric era. And, to reach success in this new landscape, a company has to focus on delivering an optimal user experience. This is exactly what methodic SEO efforts deliver to end-users.

SEO is Here to Stay

Over the past few years, we have witnessed some very rapid changes in how online platforms are perceived by marketers and used for marketing purposes. These changes required from marketers and businesses to quickly adapt their perception in order to remain relevant.

With search engines, things are completely different. Although all of them, including Google and Bing, have gone through some very extensive changes, it didn’t require of marketers to make drastic tweaks to their SEO efforts. According to our Philadelphia SEO consultant, SEO is going to be effective for many years to come. Even if video and voice searches enter the scene, they will still function on the principle of keywords, making SEO relevant.

SEO Delivers Sustainable ROI

Online marketing is crucial to business success. On the other hand, it is not cheap. But, when compared to other online marketing methods, SEO is the only one that delivers good ROI. For instance, pay-per-click advertising will be effective while your campaigns are active, and social media marketing requires constant effort.

Among all these, SEO is the most versatile method when it comes to establishing and expanding your online presence, increasing the visibility of your website, product, and service, and enhancing brand awareness.

A Majority of Web Traffic Originates from Search Engines

The number of people who use search engines is unfathomable. What’s more important to know is that this number rapidly increases every year. Daily searches on Google alone have reached 3.5 billion in 2017, worldwide. And up to a staggering 90% of customers tend to perform an online search, using one of the popular search engines, prior to making a purchasing decision.

While looking at these trends, it is safe to assume that, at a certain point in the foreseeable future, everyone will search for products and services online and it will become a standard first step in the customer journey. In order to be found, businesses will have to at least follow basic SEO principles.

The Increasing Number of Mobile Users

Back in 2009, mobile surfers have constituted a mere 0.7% of web traffic worldwide. In 2017, the tides have finally shifted. With the expansion of mobile phones, came a new form of web traffic distribution. Finally, the number of mobile surfers has exceeded the number of desktop users.

This puts companies in a position to leverage this new development by using local search engine optimization. According to a Local Search study, mobile search is very an important factor. In fact, almost 80% of local searches on smartphones resulted in purchases. A majority of those purchases took place in physical stores on the very same day the search was performed.  According to our Philadelphia SEO expert, this indicates that local SEO has become even more important.

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Your Competitors are Using SEO

According to Social Media Examiner, more than half of all B2C and B2B marketers have used at least one SEO technique to optimize the blogs and improve SEO. Since it offers a plethora of benefits, which we are going to come back to, SEO has become one of the most common marketing techniques implemented by businesses and individuals.

Chances are that your competitors are already using it to improve their online position. This is why you should seriously start picking up the pace if you already haven’t.

Ignoring SEO is Damaging

Every time a search engines crawling algorithm goes through your website, it paints a picture of how that search engine sees your website and, ultimately, your brand. If a search engine labels you as someone who has no experience whatsoever, you won’t be listed in first few search engine result pages, let alone the first one.

Unfortunately, new trends render ignoring SEO as damaging to your business. On the other hand, with just a little SEO, you will build a healthy content profile and get your website evaluated by search engines as something their users should pay attention to.

Search Engines Are Not That Smart

Over time, search engines have evolved into very intelligent bots that are able to crawl deep into the web, so that users can find what they are looking for fast. But their ability to do so is limited to some extent. Without SEO, your website will be much harder for search engines to find and crawl through.

Besides optimizing your content to be more search engine friendly, Spark factory SEO will also optimize your entire website so that all the content it contains becomes easier to find your target audience.

The Benefits of SEO

If the above-mentioned reasons are not enough for you to start considering using our Philadelphia SEO services, some of these benefits might.

Increased Website Traffic

One of the main reasons people decide to go for SEO is to increase their organic website traffic. Organic website traffic naturally occurs when users stumble upon a link to your website in the Search Engine Result Pages or (SERPs).

The primary goal of SEO is to increase your website visibility by boosting the rank of your website in SERPs. The higher it is ranked, the more likely it is for people to visit it. A study by Conductor shows us that search engine traffic is still the number one source of website traffic, even after social media became very popular.

SEO will also help you appear in search results right next to your main competitors, thus increasing the odds of people clicking on your link just to get informed about your services and product, which will further increase your website traffic. Increased traffic leads to a better rank in SERPs, thus hotwiring you in this magic circle of self-sustaining SEO.

Increased Brand Awareness

A good SEO strategy will also help you increase your brand awareness. How? Since your website will rank high over time, it will start to appear in the top positions on the result pages. This means more exposure for your online presence and more impressions. Impressions represent the number of times people see you brand name and meta description in search results.

Also, when you start appearing on the first page, it will become easier for you to convey your message to the audience and to help them associate the keywords you are using with your brand. Besides awareness, SEO will also make it easier for the audience to trust you. Why? Because the brands that appear on the first SERP are generally perceived as worthy of the audience’s trust.

Improved Brand Credibility

By using Philadelphia SEO services, you will also improve your brand credibility. While it may seem like a long shot at first, trust us, it is as easy as it gets. Modern internet surfers place all their trust in the hands of search engines. Simply put, people trust Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If your website is on the first SERP, people will trust the search engine for putting it there and feel confident to click on the link to your website.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to help you become first in search results for your targeted keywords. And to, of course, be listed with other subpages below the link to your website homepage. This type of credibility cannot be achieved via any PPC effort.

Your Website Will be More User-Friendly

One of the commonly used SEO techniques is website architecture optimization. In layman terms, this means that your website elements and links will be assessed and configured to make the website navigation way easier. While this makes it easier for search engine crawling algorithms to go through your website, it also allows your visitors to seamlessly go through your content and quickly find the information they are looking for.

By doing so, you will provide a better user experience to your visitors which will invite them to spend more time on your website. The time spent on the website is another very important SEO factor which will boost your website rank in SERPs.

On top of that, with a reworked and optimized website architecture, your pages will load even faster. Which is another SEO factor that search engines hold in high regard when determining the rankings of websites?

Boosting your seo
It Generates High-Quality Leads

The logic behind Philadelphia SEO is increasingly high-quality leads may not be obvious at first. While this study confirms it and explains it in detail, let us explain. When people who want to purchase a specific service or product land on the search engine page, they type in highly specific keywords.

It is more likely that they are going to visit and make a purchase from companies that are ranked high, because of the credibility and trust that we have talked about. In fact, when compared to outbound leads, SEO leads have closing rates that are 9 times higher.

Local SEO Increases Sales

If you are trying to boost your sales, you should definitely focus on local SEO. With the increasing number of customers who use their smartphones to perform local searches, it is of the utmost importance to follow the best local SEO practices. If you are interested in stats, you should know that 18% of local searches made on mobile phones resulted in a closed sale within a day.

This means that your website should contain basic business information, such as a brief business description, location, work hours, contact information and directions. You should at least consider using Google My Business to create your business listing. This way, your company will appear when people search for businesses in your niche. Create informative listing and add unique photos to stand out, attract more customers and increase sales.

SEO Has Long-term Effects

If you are looking for an online marketing effort with long-term effects, SEO might be the only viable solution. Both PPC advertising and social media marketing are as efficient as the time and money you invest in them. Once you stop pumping money into them, they will stop providing results.

marketing seo

On the other hand, SEO offers permanent results. With just a little bit of maintenance, you can keep your position in SERPs. If any major changes are made by leading search engine companies, our Philadelphia SEO consultant will inform you in a timely manner so that your website remains ranked high.

Your Website Will Be More Mobile Friendly

There is nothing more important online but to keep your website visitors happy and satisfied. User experience is definitely held as a very important ranking factor. For instance, Google continuously tries to make the web more mobile friendly. And if anything SEO has taught us, then it is to do more of what makes big search engine players happy.

At the start of 2018, Google started mobile-first indexing, which means that Google views the mobile version of your website in their index first and it uses that as the most important ranking factor. The better mobile-experience, the higher ranking the website receives. This applies to searches made on desktops as well.

This is why our Philadelphia SEO services include mobile-first optimization which includes optimizing the content format, data structure, metadata, social metadata, internationalization URLs, and others.

SEO vs. Local SEO

With the increasing number of mobile users, Google is making additional efforts to provide them with not just relevant but also actionable search results. The data found in your Google My Business listing and proximity are very important ranking factors today. Thanks to these new policies, everyone stands a fair chance to show up in a user’s search results.

This gives small and medium-sized businesses a chance to compete with big companies that are located in big cities and city centers. After having a conversation with you to get informed about your business needs, our Philadelphia SEO consultant will assess your website and provide you with feedback on what has to be done so that your website becomes better optimized for local searches. Lear more about Content Marketing.

When Should You Expect to See SEO Results

Unless strictly specified, SEO results can be a very vague category. Is it going to be increasing the rank in SERPs? Increased website traffic? Or something else? The ultimate goal, in our opinion, are increased conversion rates. But when does this happen?

You should know that from a businessman’s perspective, the first stages of SEO generate next to zero results. For instance, jumping from the 4th SERP to the bottom of the first SERP is a great accomplishment, but with no results in terms of significantly increased traffic and conversion rates.

The most realistic timeframe in which to expect results is anywhere between 3 to 6 months. After the SEO is done, it will take some time before search engines come back to your website to crawl through and index it again. From that point on, SEO results will exponentially grow. The significant improvements in terms of ROI can be experienced only after this time period has elapsed.

During this time, our team will provide you with detailed reports on your website SEO performance evaluation. You will be able to compare past with current traffic, see which of the keywords have good performance and so on.

How Does The SEO Process Work

Here at Spark factory SEO, an SEO company in Philadelphia, we have worked out a perfect plan to help you optimize your website for search engines. Upon assessing the current state of your online assets and learning about your business goals, our Philadelphia SEO consultant will pass the information to our team of SEO professionals. This information will be used for the following SEO actions.

Keyword Research

Keywords refer to what users type in search engines before they click on the famous “Search” button. By reviewing your goals and identifying your target audience, we will help you identify and target the right keywords to help you bring that target audience to your website.

On Page SEO

We will add, if necessary, and organize the information found on your website in the most logical and intuitive way to help you deliver a delightful experience to your website visitors. We will make sure that your page contains a subject in the title tag and in the URL, include that subject in the alt text on images and make sure that it repeats several times throughout the text on that page.

Take the Fit Test and Find Out Whats Wrong Now

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

Optimization of Each Page on Your Website

As part of this continuous effort, we will optimize all of the pages of your website to enable you to provide a consistent user experience throughout your entire website. With all of your website pages optimized, your website will be on it’s way to the first SERP. In addition, we will make sure that all of your page titles are unique and contain your targeted keywords and keyword phrases all by respecting the most optimized keyword density.

Website Speed Optimization

We want to make sure that your website gets a higher rank in SERPs. This is why we always make sure that our client’s website loading speed is as fast as possible. Besides, we also pay attention to possible errors which may occur. By carefully reviewing your website code, we make sure that there are no errors that might disrupt the user experience and negatively affect your ranking.

Management of Social Media Profiles

In order to attract more visitors to websites, you should start sharing your content on social media. With the help of our SEO consultant Philadelphia, you will be able to identify which content is share-worthy in terms of engagement and value.

Link Optimization

Links affect your website rank in SERPs. This is why we will make sure that all of the internal and external links on your website are working. In addition, you will avoid frustrating your visitors when they click on a link just to find out that it leads to the infamous 404 error page.

Local SEO

We will help you optimize your website for local searches as it has become more important than ever before. By using specific keyword phrases on key pages of your website, it will start appearing in local searches. Our ultimate goal is to help your business get featured on the carousel on the top of the first SERP.

E-commerce SEO

In order to help you boost sales on your e-commerce website, we will help you place keywords in strategic locations, optimize mobile versions of your website, increase the usability of your online shop and make sure all of your products have SEO friendly descriptions and product images with optimized alt text.

SEO is a long-term effort.

If you decide to leverage its power, Spark factory SEO is standing ready to become your partner and help you keep up with the latest changes and the best practices in the SEO world.

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