5 Real Estate Marketing Trends Redefining the Industry in 2018

Every year comes with a new set of real estate marketing trends. According to expert predictions, will transform the industry and change the game for both sellers and home buyers. However, only a few of them actually stick and provide pivotal changes.

The following trends have already proved very effective and they’re definitely here to stay, so make sure you have them on your radar.

Chatbot Implementation


Implementing a chatbot into your website will improve interactions with your customers, as they will be able to get in touch with your brand 24/7. Chatbots are capable of carrying out intelligent, personalized conversations and they can build meaningful relationships with your website visitors.

They can also be triggered by visitors’ behaviour on your website to proactively engage in conversations and offer help at the right time. However, you should still have a live chat, since chatbots are still in their infancy and can’t solve complex problems just yet.

Hyperlocal Content Creation

Hyperlocal content will help you target the right kind of audience you need. It will help you narrow your focus and significantly increase your sales. This is why you should focus on specific locations when creating your content so that you can effectively attract people who are looking for real estate properties in those locations.

For instance, you can create neighbourhood guides and include various reports related to the local market. The key is to create content relevant to specific locations and to deliver that content to the right people.

Marketing Automation Platforms


Automating your marketing activities will help you become more efficient, having more time to focus on your core competencies, and it will help you reduce costs. That’s why you should utilize marketing automation software, which will help you streamline your workflow and make better, data-driven decisions.

With this type of software, you’ll be able to get more quality leads and convert them into sales, effectively generating a high ROI. The main features all the best solutions provide our lead tracking, lead scoring, lead database, lead nurturing, reports and analytics, and email, CRM, and other third-party integrations.

Video Promotion on Facebook

We’re seeing more and more videos on Facebook, which seem to be dominating the platform. Every realtor should use this to their advantage by creating more videos that they’ll share on Facebook. Apart from the property videos, you should also create testimonials and neighbourhood tours. Drones are perfect for shooting aerial neighbourhood videos that significantly attract home buyers.

Remember that social media marketing and SEO go hand in hand, so be sure to know how to set up realtor SEO campaigns that will increase your online visibility and help you attract more quality leads.

Virtual Open Houses


New technologies are completely transforming the way people buy real estate nowadays, as they no longer have to leave their homes to check out the property they are considering to buy. Apart from 3D listings, more and more realtors are providing VR experiences to potential buyers, who can “walk” through various properties as if they’re actually there.

One of the latest trends is digitizing open houses so that people can use VR headsets to “attend”. Not only does that attract more potential buyers, but it also sends only serious buyers your way for a private showing.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of the right audience, make sure you follow these five real estate marketing trends that we are certain to stay relevant not only in 2018 but for many years to come.

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