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Analytics and tracking refer to the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to understand and improve various aspects of a business or website. This can include website traffic, user behavior, marketing campaigns, and other metrics. The goal of analytics and tracking is to help businesses make data-driven decisions to increase conversions, revenue, and overall performance.

How to Improve Organic Click-Through Rates in 2020

If you’ve put any thought or research into the SEO of your business website, you’ve likely encountered the idea of “Organic Click-Through Rate,” or oCTR. Your business’ click-through rate is often a metric associated with pay-per-click advertising efforts like those available from Google AdWords. However, organic click-through rates are also a common discussion topic when

Ecommerce Credibility Issues You Must Overcome to Maximize Sales

There are many challenges associated with running an ecommerce business. The most important and most daunting of these trials and tribulations is the art of getting noticed. Ecommerce is a massive slice of the global economy. Even many brick-and-mortar stores now have some kind of ecommerce leg of their overall business umbrella. So you’re dealing

SEO Pricing – What Does SEO Cost in 2020? | Spark Factory

As a business owner, you should have an online presence. The internet represents a whole world of possibilities that didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago. With digital marketing, your business has the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. But for that to happen, you have to be found. You could have the most

PPC Pricing – What Does PPC Cost in 2020?

We all know how vital search engine optimization is to modern marketing. Rising up the organic ranks is vital to your success. But it also takes time. Sometimes more than six months before you start to see a return on your investment. Luckily, there is a more immediate option that can work on its own

Law Firm Marketing in 2020 [Proven Tactics to Get Clients]

You didn’t get into law to market a business. You got into it to defend the innocent or ensure the guilty received their due. And yet, here you are — wondering how you can succeed in the hyper-competitive legal industry. But with so many law firm marketing strategies to choose between, it can be a

Featured Snippets for Ecommerce Stores: How to Capture Them

You have an eCommerce store, but no one is finding it. What’s the problem? Is it that people aren’t searching for the product or service that you offer? Probably not. You likely have an issue with Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. SEO is a series of content tweaks and link building that takes

The COVID-19 pandemic and Digital Marketing.

COVID-19 pandemic and Digital Marketing, SEO experts are here to keep Businesses afloat. Let us be sensible of our content and listen to SEO experts so that we can adapt throughout the pandemic. Research data about websites from different industries are showing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The website’s performance dropped by an average


Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve their search results. Most aren’t noticeable but help them to incrementally improve. Several times a year, Google makes significant, broad changes to their search algorithms and systems. They refer to these as “core updates.” Their designed to ensure that overall, Google is delivering

All Hail Hashtags! – The King of Social Media

Touch-tone telephone service was first unveiled in 1963 and became available to consumers in 1964. A touch-tone phone could make a total of seven tones. The way it worked was, the user pushed one button which produced a combination of two sounds. Microphones hooked to a computer listened for the sounds and was able to