Google Core Web Vitals

Less than 4% of websites have a “good” score in all 3 Core Web Vitals.
How does your site measure up?

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If your website loads in 4 seconds or more, you will start losing your rankings this month!

Google announced in May 2020 that a major update to their algorithm, focused on a great user experience, would roll out in May 2021 (moved toJune 2021). Page experience is at the heart of Google’s Core Web Vitals update, and page speed is now a ranking factor in search results. Other factors of page experience have been part of their ranking algorithm, which include: mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS, and popups or other content that blocks the main content of a page reached by a search result link.  

Searchmetrics evaluated over 2 million websites and found that over 96% of websites did not meet the new Google Core Web Vitals acceptable speed metrics. If your site meets the other page experience guidelines, and is one of the 4% that have good scores in all 3 Core Web Vitals, CONGRATULATIONS!! If you are one of the 96%, time is running out to get ahead of the competition.

How do I know if my site is fast enough to pass the new Core Web Vitals?

We will send you a free report showing you how Google rates your site. If yours is not in the 90’s in all 3 categories, prepare to lose rankings in organic search results and pay more in paid Google Ads.

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How do I fix my website to pass the test?

There are many factors that go into website speed. We will look under the hood and let you know where and how to speed up your site. Our plans start at $99. Sometimes it is just a matter of optimizing your images and code. Sometimes it is much more. To be honest, our previous website failed the speed test miserably. We upgraded our servers to super fast HTTP2, NGINX, which helped shave a few seconds off. We optimized and minified our code and images, which helped a little too. We updated the caching, removed some plugins, and still couldn’t get our site to load within the new acceptable metrics…… It was our WordPress theme! Yep, we had to completely rebuild our website. But it was worth it, we’re now in the high 90’s on all metrics.