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Video production is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign.  Today’s consumers and decision makers expect information to come in a video format.  Which means that the creation of vibrant, attention grabbing, informative videos for all channels needs to be one of your top priorities.  Whether you are launching a new product, spreading your message, or exploring different avenues to grow your existing business or audience, Spark Factory has the tools, knowledge, and experience to bring your visions to life.

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    Why video production is so important

    1.  Video increases your sales

    Video reaches your audience on a level that text and simple images cannot.  It has been proven time and time again that in the age of YouTube and TikTok video content is king.  The average person consumes exponentially more video content than ever before, so it is critical to put your products and services in front of them, in a format that they can relate to and expect.

    2.  Video is a great way to promote your brand

    Video is a great way to promote your brand by telling stories and showing people your product in action. Your target audience will be able to connect with your brand better because they can see it, hear it and feel it rather than just reading about it. Video content also works great for SEO, which will help you with higher rankings in search engines.

    3.  Video makes you stand out

    In this age of information overload, you need to make your business stand out. And video is one of the best ways to do that.

    Why? One reason is that consumers are flooded with information from all sides. Advertisements, articles, and even friends and family can lead them astray. And for many products and services, there are dozens of competing options available. That’s why consumers have learned to be skeptical of advertising and sales pitches; they’ve learned to be more likely to trust a product that has been recommended by a trusted source. Video gives you the opportunity to create a highly engaging experience that will set your business apart from the rest and give it an advantage over your competitors.

    4.  Video helps with conversion rates

    In a white paper by Optimizely and VideoAmp , the numbers are pretty conclusive: video boosts conversion rates.

    Web visitors who watched a video about a product were 0.94 percent more likely to buy than visitors who didn’t watch a video. They were also more likely to buy more expensive products, and they spent more money: $100 on purchases versus $93 on average for control group consumers.

    5.  Video works on any device

    In the modern era, video can run on any device.  This means that you can always reach you customers, regardless of where they are or what they are doing

    6.  Video engages people emotionally

    In a world of pictures and only seven colors, we are living in a time of extraordinary visual communication. But even as the world has been exploding with images and information, our communication has become stale and lifeless. We need to pour emotion back into our communications if we want them to be received effectively.

    The easiest way to do this is by using video production. Video engages people emotionally and helps them remember what you want them to learn. The reason why videos are so effective is because they create an emotional response in the person watching it. This makes the person remember what you are trying to get across for a longer period of time. Because of this, video production is a great way to get people emotionally involved with your product, service or message. It breaks down the walls of communication and opens new pathways between you and your audience that were not there before.”

    7.  It is easy to create video content

    If you have something good to say, it will be a good idea to make content about it. One of the best ways to do this is to create video content. Even though this seems like a difficult task many people have taken on the challenge, and with an agency like Spark Factory in your corner, creating compelling video content has never been easier!

    8.  You can make videos about anything

    Since human beings are visual learners and communicators, any topic, emotion, or idea can be translated into stunning and compelling video content that can be shared with the entire world.  Regardless of nationality, language, or culture, video truly is a great communicator.

    9.  It is valuable for SEO purposes

    As a business owner, you are busy. You have a lot of things on your to-do list. It might seem like adding video to your content plan will just add to the workload, but you need to think of video content as an investment in your business.

    If you plan correctly, you’ll be able to reap the rewards for years to come. Trust me when I say that video is valuable for SEO purposes. You’ll be able to write off the costs associated with creating and maintaining video content for years to come.

    Creating and hosting videos can make you eligible for many tax breaks. Some of these include:

    * Deducting 100% of production costs from your taxable income* Deducting any advertising costs that were incurred while trying to get views on the videos* Expensing any equipment purchases which were used in the production of your videos* Deducting editing costs* Deducting travel expenses related to creating and editing your videos* 

    Why Choose Spark Factory?

    We are a full service digital agency with more than 30 years of video production, search engine optimization, reputation management, and advertising experience, with a personable and friendly team that you can trust.  But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say!

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      Sarah Lamar
      Sarah Lamar
      Spark Factory knows its stuff, and working with its team has been simple and easy. They presented a few plans based on my budget and I am seeing their work starting to produce clients and clicks. Would highly recommend it.
      Matthew P. Goodman
      Matthew P. Goodman
      Working with Spark Factory for the past three months has been a great experience. They gave our website a major boost, helping it show up better on searches organically and setting up conversion tracking that we've never had with any other company. We're very happy with the work they've done and couldn't recommend them more highly!
      robert kalya
      robert kalya
      Excelent service, Very profesional, Great people. Fully recommended to anyone invested in taking their business to a very high level.
      waleed zaii
      waleed zaii
      Spark Factory absolutely amazing and The members of their staff are very knowledgeable and have been so successful in strengthening the web presence of our company.
      Joe Solomon
      Joe Solomon
      We never realized the potential of Google Maps - and we've saved a ton on advertising costs! It's incredible how far we've come without spending a dime on ads. Thank you Scott and your team for the campaign.
      Sohaib khan
      Sohaib khan
      Absolutely loved working with this team. VERY responsive knowledgeable, and honest. The Owner is really incredible too. Would recommend.
      Samuel Thomas
      Samuel Thomas
      We worked with Michelle at Spark Factory and she was phenomenal. Every time we had an issue she was there to respond to us quickly. Their program really works!
      Thomas G. Tanner
      Thomas G. Tanner
      We got Spark Factory on board to help us create a new website and market it, and the results were amazing - we got a 10x return on our investment! They really know their stuff when it comes to marketing, and they're super professional to boot!
      Tonny Robbins
      Tonny Robbins
      Scott is very focused on ROI and helping small business grow. We loved working with him to define goals, strategy and how to grow. Thanks Scott!