Spark Factory is a lead generation company that specializes in connecting your business to consumers ready to make a purchase. We put your business in front of them, prequalify them with our long-form questions and provide you with their contact information. They are 100% exclusive to your business and ready to buy!

We know that finding qualified consumers can be challenging and we are here to help. Today, more than ever, consumers are searching for products or services on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Google before making any type of purchase decision.

We have the tools and software necessary to place your business in front of these consumers as they are searching for what you have to offer. Furthermore, we have a long-form questionnaire that we use to pre-screen each person interested in your product or service before sending them to you. This is not only more efficient but also more effective because it eliminates all the junk leads that waste time and resources while giving you only those who are 100% qualified.

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    You will pay the same for an exclusive lead as you would for a shared lead.

    Your leads are not shared with any other companies

    With our exclusive leads, you can be confident that your competitors will not be contacting them.  You will be the only one responding to those customers who are ready to buy now.

    Most lead generation companies sell leads to multiple vendors.  In fact, they prioritize the timing of delivering those leads.  Meaning, that even if you call the lead within 1 minute of receiving it, the consumer may have already received 10, 15, 20 or more calls from your competition!  We’ve talked to too many business owners who are frustrated with buying shared leads.  

    There is a better way!  Let us generate leads for your business that are only sent to you.  These leads will not be shared with other companies.  When you receive the lead, you know that they are ready to buy now and have not been contacted by any of your competitors.

    By eliminating competition, you increase your conversion rate and maximize your profits!

    We offer 2 types of Exclusive Lead plans

    1.  Fully Automated CRM

    We will set you up with a fully integrated sales funnel that sends customized, personalized messages, appointment bookings and even review requests.  You’ll be assigned phone number(s) for calls and text messages that are forwarded to your cell phone(s).  All communication is saved within the CRM, where management can monitor and even listen to the calls.

    You’ll have a dashboard to show all leads, their value, the sales stage that they are in and revenue generated.  You can easily move them between sales stages, which will put them into a different automated lead nurturing campaign.

    This is a very robust system designed to take the monotony out of following up and allow you to concentrate on closing the business.

    Lead Generation CRM Pipeline
    Receive Leads via Text Message & Email

    2.  We email & text you the lead & you follow up.

    As soon as a lead comes in, we will text and email you their details so you can immediately follow up with them and manage the sales cycle yourself.  Perhaps you already have a proven sales process and just need to fill your pipeline.  This would be the package for you.

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    We’ve been very successful generating exclusive leads for a variety of industries:  medical, dental, real estate, mortgage, solar, HVAC, roofing, pest control, plumbing, attorneys, fitness, restaurants and more.   If you’re ready to take control of your lead pipeline, we can help you generate a stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to buy your products and services.

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