Lead Generation

The landscape of online businesses is rapidly changing every year. What used to work last year has already been replaced or updated to keep up with the dynamic nature of online business. Just about every aspect of running a business has changed, including lead generation. Where client referrals and networking used to be the key to gaining new customers, exciting new advancements in technology has provided the next frontier in lead generation. While the constant change may be daunting, it also means the end of obsolete tactics, aka goodbye tedious cold calls and overly elaborate outreach efforts! While it takes some adapting to, automated lead generation takes away the guesswork and leaves you with clear results and ultimately new customers.

At Spark factory Digital, we utilize many different strategies and applications to fully automate lead generation. One of the first things we look at is the sales funnel as it applies to your business. As you may or may not know, the most basic form of this funnel consists of four parts: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. We analyze your performance at each level to improve your performance and maximize the number of new clients. For example, perhaps your potential customers are aware of your brand and have shown interest by clicking on your website, but never pulled through to the next two steps. Perhaps they have made the decision, maybe adding something to their cart, but never followed through to purchase. Spark factory Digital builds customized programs for every client to address all of these unique situations and more. 

One of the best new technological advances for lead generation is the rise of the chatbot. You can read more about the uses of chatbots and Messenger Marketing HERE. An AI based chatbot is the automated messenger you have surely seen on various websites or business Facebook pages, welcoming you to the page and offering answers to frequently asked questions. What seems like a small greeting on a home page is actually a valuable resource for introducing new customers to your product and brand, and for nourishing interested customers.

These AI based chatbots serve as instant customer support via an increasingly favorable format, the text message. Instead of emailing and waiting for a reply, or calling and dealing with wait time or business hours, your customers will immediately have the information they need, when they need it. Studies have shown that the average consumer is more impatient than loyal, meaning they are more likely to move on to a competitor if their needs aren’t met quickly and efficiently. What that means for you is that you have the opportunity to drive business away from competition and onto your own website if you properly utilize this tool.  Not only does this motivate sales, but also provides valuable and cost effective customer support.

Another way Spark factory generates leads for your business is through SMS texting and email follow ups. While this may seem like old hat, we have perfected the process to make less work for you with more quality results. Most adults have more than one email address that they check more than once a day, giving you plenty of opportunity to make an impression. We use these resources not just to capture new prospects and bring them into your business, but to help them along every stage of the funnel until they become profitable customers. Customers can be reminded of incomplete purchases and motivated to action with limited time offers. Interest can be created in past customers by introducing new products that may be relevant to them. Interested parties can be warmed to your brand with exciting and relevant content. There are countless ways that SMS texting and email can be used to generate leads, which explains their staying power in the world of lead generation.

Lead generation can be a time consuming and frustrating process, if you don’t know how to properly utilize the tools available. At Spark factory Digital, it is our job to keep up with all the new innovations in lead generation and build custom programs for a fully automated lead generation system. We condense all of this work into an easy to use application that will capture and nourish leads to your sales team. Spark factory understands that you cannot run a successful business without new customers. By implementing automated lead generation as soon as possible, Spark factory can help you achieve and surpass your business goals in 2019.

About the author

Stacey Stevens is an editor for Spark Factory, covering organic search, podcasting and e-commerce. Her background is in journalism and content marketing.