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Reporting equals real results

Getting a clear understanding of what you're doing is important to any marketing effort, whether you're a one-person shop or a multi-billion company.</p> <p>Telling your story to investors, partners, and employees is essential to making sure your company has the resources it needs to succeed. You want everyone to be on the same page and working toward the same goals.</p> <p>This means that reporting isn't just something you do in the context of finance; it's a necessary part of your marketing strategy. It may look different depending on your role, but it has to be an essential component of how you operate. If you're new to this, don't worry — we're here to help.

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Why is reporting so important?

1.  It makes you aware of your platform

Marketing is a process where you create value with your product or service and then promote it, in order to make a sale. It’s important to be aware of what is happening within your marketing efforts because sometimes a customer can have an experience that is not tied to your product but has everything to do with the way you are presenting yourself as a company.

The key here is transparency, you need to be able to report on all aspects of your business so that you can see what areas may need improvement or any other relevant issues that may arise.

With reporting transparency from Spark Factory, you are able to see everything that happens in your customer’s journey. You can see how many leads you’ve generated over a period of time and where they came from or even see if they’re still active or not. This allows you to make better decisions with your marketing budget.

2.  It identifies your progress

Marketers and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to analyze their business. They want to know if the marketing campaigns they’re spending money on are working or if they need to make adjustments.

Marketing reports give you information about your business over a set period of time. Reports like these can be used for making decisions about your brand and your products. As you collect data, think about what information would be helpful in making these decisions and prioritize collecting it every month.

Reports can help you make important decisions in a few different ways. First, they identify your progress by showing you how much money you’ve spent on advertising, how many new customers you’ve acquired, and how many sales you’ve made.

Second, they can help prevent problems that could lead to losing customers or making bad decisions based on incorrect data. For example, if you don’t have a report that shows how much revenue each page of your website generates, you might decide to focus all of your marketing efforts on one page simply because it’s generating more traffic than another—when in reality it only brings in more traffic because it’s easier to convert visitors into leads or sales.

3. It forecasts future growth

Marketing activities like SEO and SEM are all about reaching potential customers, but it’s your reporting that can tell you if you’re reaching the right potential customers.

Tightly integrated marketing automation software combines reporting with lead generation, email marketing and social media management.

The result is a single place to find out what’s working in your marketing programs and what isn’t. Reporting gives you a way to see the bigger picture of your marketing activities and how they work together to drive leads for your sales team. It also allows you to forecast future growth and plan for future opportunities.

4.  It shows areas to improve

Reporting isn’t just for salespeople and marketers, however. It’s important to all of us. It shows areas to improve and helps you get the most out of your investment.

To be sure, there are many great resources available for learning how to use everything from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest with your e-commerce business, but I think it’s important that we all understand the value of reporting and analytics, too. That way we can all work together to make better decisions about our social media strategy and activities.

5.  It maintains accountability

Good reporting and analytics are the key to maintaining accountability for your marketing investments. You can’t know what’s working unless you have good data, and a lack of reporting can lead to wasted time and money. Good digital marketing reporting should provide insight into how well your efforts are performing and enable you to make adjustments as needed.

There are many reasons why reporting is so important to marketing, but these are the 4 key points:

  1. Reports provide a way of keeping track of the progress of your marketing campaign. Without reports, it is hard to determine what you should be doing next in order to achieve your goals.

  1. Reports provide an opportunity for review and analysis of marketing efforts. This can help you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and identify areas where it could be improved or areas that require greater emphasis in order to achieve your goals. This information can also be helpful in formulating future campaigns and planning spending allocations for different types of marketing activities.

  1. Reports provide a means for evaluating the performance of staff responsible for carrying out marketing activities. It is important that staff responsible for carrying out marketing activities know how they are performing and whether they are achieving the required results – this can encourage them to improve their performance or focus on different aspects of their role in order to meet their objectives.

  1. Reports are a valuable source of information that can be used when making decisions about future plans and strategies, such as where to spend available funds, staffing needs, etc., when there is a lack of other information or data available regarding the effectiveness of the marketing campaign being implemented.”

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