Dominating Google local search with affordable local SEO is the holy grail of marketing.

That’s because, if you get your business to show up on page 1 of Google’s local results, it will generate an insane amount of traffic and leads for your business.  This is why affordable local SEO is a game changer.

The struggle is in getting your business to stand out among the scores of options competing for a customer’s dollar without paying for expensive ads forever.  This is where affordable local SEO from Spark Factory comes in.  You need to make sure your business is front and center when people are searching for your products, services, venues and events.  If you’re not on page 1 or the top 7, people will not find you! But when they see your business ranking higher on the map pack, they will click on it and you’re well on your way to getting that customer through the door.

Google My Business for Local Search

Spark Up Your Google Maps / GMB Listing and get to the top of page one!

Potential clients are not finding you by searching your top keywords on page two or more.  80% of clicks and calls are generated from the top 5 listings.  We wondered why some businesses rank higher than others on Google’s local search, also known as the Map Pack.  So we dove in and tested a lot of strategies until we figured out a formula that really works.  Then we developed our own AI platform to utilize that formula and apply it to our client’s listings.  The results have been astounding!  You can jump to the top of your local search results with Spark Factory’s proven “Spark Local” process.

The first step is to setup and optimize your Google My Business account.  If you’ve done that, you show up for your name, but most likely not in any keyword related searches for your local business.  That’s where we come in.  We have tools to research your top keywords and what your biggest competitors rank for.  Then apply our proprietary AI software to show Google that you are a popular “expert” for those keyword searches, which will move you up the search rankings quickly.

Let’s be clear, this is not a Google My Business optimization service.  You’ve probably seen a lot of companies offering that.  Yes, your GMB needs to be optimized and kept up to date, but that alone will not help you rank in the local search results for your keywords.  Spark Local is a much different service.  We target your best keywords and feed the Google local search algorithm exactly what it’s hungry for so they naturally rank your business higher in the results.

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    Rise to the top of the Google Map Pack

    While you may not be familiar with the term Google Map Pack (GMAPS), surely you’ve seen and used it!  It is a Google service that generates a group of local business map search results in a unique format, where they are supplemented with business locations, directions, photos, reviews, website, description, operating hours, popular visiting times, Q&A, services and more.  Optimizing your local search listings is critical to your business’ online visibility. This Google map pack will help you do just that by maximizing your business local search potential.

    Capture the attention of people searching on their phones

    The first thing you need to know as a small business is that your local listing is much more important than it was 3 or 4 years ago. The reason why it’s more important today is that 80% of the searches are done on mobile phones. When the map pack shows up, people are going to respond to businesses listed there because that occupies most of the real estate on your phone. When people are able to find your local listing, view the pictures of your business, find out what services you provide and see their reviews, they’re going to choose you over a big national company that doesn’t have these things listed in the front.

    Rise to the top of local search with the Google Map Pack
    Google My Business Example - Extra Mile Lawncare full listing

    The Google My Business card contains tons of valuable information that your customers want to know:

    • Business Name
    • Website
    • Click to Call
    • Reviews
    • Business Type
    • Address
    • Hours of operation
    • Phone Number
    • Images
    • Link to Google maps
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Q&A
    • Save, Send to Phone & Share
    • Popular times to visit
    • Description
    • Posts
    • Related Searches
    • Social Profiles
    • And More

    At a quick glance, people can learn a lot about your business and decide if they want to visit or call you.

    That is exactly the point of Google My Business & the Google Map Pack: to give customers enough information about a list of local business.  This helps them decide if they want to do business with you, and gives them an easy way to engage with the businesses they are most interested in.

    Measurable Results

    With Spark Factory’s affordable local SEO, you will see your business rise to the top of the Map Pack and local searches for your keywords.  Additionally, you will get reporting from us and Google to show you how many calls, website visits, requests for directions, reviews generated, and content viewed on your Google My Business and Google Maps listings.  What would an additional 20-50 calls a day do for your business?  Contact us today to see how easy and effective Spark Local really is!

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      Melanie R

      WOW!  We signed up for Spark Local and within 2 weeks started seeing results.  We are 2 months in and our phones are ringing off the hook.  We may need to hire another receptionist!

      Suzie W

      We were struggling to get noticed for our CBD boutique.  Our customers found us by driving by and stopping in.  We have a website, but didn't get much from it.  So we signed up for Spark Local.  Holy cow!  We're now one of the top 3 local shops and have seen explosive growth in our calls, store visits and online sales.  Who knew??  I highly recommend Spark Local!

      Craig P

      I own a local cleaning service and we were struggling to generate new accounts.  I signed up for Spark Local and have seen us rising to the top of local listings.  Our call volume has doubled and we are back on track to a record year of sales!  Thanks, Spark!!