Why Do Logos & Branding Matter To My Business?

Stand Out in the Crowd!

Your logo and branding tell the world who your business is, and have a huge influence on your success.

The first thing people see is your logo, so it’s vital that it looks professional. A good way to ensure this is to use a reputable design agency. They can create a great looking logo that really reflects your business.

And while a memorable logo is great, how you present yourself is equally important. Branding encompasses everything from logos to stationery templates, color schemes, fonts and more.

When people look at your branding they should know straight away what sort of business you’re in and what benefits they’ll get from doing business with you. You might think that doesn’t apply if you’re just selling products, but it does.  For example, an e-commerce site selling baby products should have a clean and friendly look and feel that will appeal directly to parents looking for these kinds of products.

If you’re starting a new business, invest in your logo and branding from the very beginning. This will pay off many times over down the road.

There are three major factors that go into good branding:

  • Clarity.

    Your brand should be instantly recognizable, which means it needs to clearly communicate what kind of business you’re running. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that most people who see your logo can tell what business you’re in without having to think about it.

  • Memorability.
    Your brand should also stand out in some way, whether through color, shape or simplicity. Your logo should be distinctive and it should look good on everything from letterhead to t-shirts to coffee mugs. Everybody knows it. Once you’ve established a memorable brand that communicates clearly, you need to get the word out there so that everybody knows it.

  • Style.
    Once you’ve picked out a name, think about how you want people to view your company — serious, fun or casual? This should be reflected in the look and feel of your website design, the colors in your logo and so on.

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    Nike Logo

    What do great logos do for a business or product?

    When it comes to logo design, there is no hard and fast rule that you can follow to create a winning logo. However, there are certain basic rules of thumb that you can use as a starting point for your own logo design process. The end result of the logo design process is the creation of a logo that you really like.

    Your overall brand message should be communicated through your logo. Your logo should also give people an immediate impression about your business or product. If your logo looks good, then people will have an immediate positive reaction to it. If it looks bad, then people will have a negative reaction to it. The most important goal is that your logo should leave people with a positive impression of your brand or company.

    If you want to create a successful logo, then you need to understand how logos work and how they can help your business or product achieve success. Logos are often the first thing that people see when they come in contact with your business or product. They make an immediate impression on people and they help them form opinions about your business or product right away.

    If someone sees your company’s name or product name and they like what they see, then they might be more likely to buy from you or support you in the future.

    Creating a logo can be a daunting task.

    You want something that represents your brand, but you also want it to stand out and look pretty good. There are many factors to consider in creating a logo for your company or product.

    Expect it to be used in many different ways. A logo is much more than an image – it’s a design element that can be used in all kinds of promotional material, from billboards to business cards, from t-shirts to websites.

    Use words with meaning. If possible, include words in the logo, as they add meaning and represent the nature of your business or product.

    Keep it simple, clear and uncluttered. A classic example is the Nike swoosh – it’s easy to draw and instantly identifies the brand.

    Make sure there’s room for growth. As your company grows, your logo must be able to change with it without losing its identity.

    Provide space for variety. Don’t set yourself up for monotony by choosing a logo that only has one version. Allow space for flexibility of color and font size while keeping the design intact.

    Use appropriate colors, fonts and images.  The colors you use should reflect your brand or product.

    Once you’ve decided that your business needs a logo, the next step is to decide what it’s going to look like. Designing a logo can be complicated and confusing, but the pros at Spark Factory will guide you through the process.  We will help you develop a simple but eye-catching design that will build brand awareness and help you stand out from the crowd.

    1.Choose a reputable designer
    There are many different designers out there who offer logo design services. You should be careful when choosing a designer to ensure that your final product is professional and of high quality.

    2.Establish the goals for your new logo
    Before you start designing your logo, you need to establish what its goals are going to be. A logo has two main functions: it identifies your company and product, and it represents its brand.

    3.Review other logos from similar companies
    Reviewing other logos within your industry can help you determine what effective branding looks like. This will give you some ideas about what works well for others, but also some things that don’t work well so you know what not to do with your own brand.

    4.Brainstorm ideas for the new logo
    Brainstorm some ideas for the new logo and come up with possible designs that might work well for your business or product.

    5. Create a few varying designs
    Select the one that resonates best with your product, service, and company.  You may even want to put it up for a vote or contest to see what your target market resonates with.

    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    Logo design should be the first step in a long relationship between your brand and the consumer. It is where we move from the abstract and conceptual to the actual and visual, where you get to express your unique identity for the first time.

    Trying to communicate your essence with words alone can often lead to confusion, which is why we start off with a blank canvas and a new set of eyes.

    Logo design is a complex process. The real world involves limitations of space, money, time and functionality, so we need to figure out how to communicate your brand to your target audience in a simple, memorable, visual way.

    Design Process Img 1


    The second stage of the logo design process is providing you with a series of sketches. Sketches are often done on paper and there are no limits as to how rough a sketch can be. Your designer should provide you with a variety of sketches, ranging in different styles, colors, and configurations. The number of sketches your designer provides should depend on the complexity of your logo design assignment.

    In most cases, your designer will use your feedback to make revisions to their original proposals; however if you feel that the sketches provided do not reflect the direction that you want to go in, feel free to ask for new sketches.

    It is important to work closely with your designer throughout the sketching process so that you both arrive at a logo design that meets your needs.

    Seo Discovery 1


    The third stage of logo design is digitizing the approved design. This is when you convert your logo from a hand-drawn masterpiece to a computerized vector graphic. A vector graphic can be resized to any size without pixelation or loss of resolution. Vector graphics are also easy to edit and change, which is why they’re so popular for logos. If your logo design will be displayed on various sizes of print materials, you’ll need to have it converted into a vector graphic.

    Design Process Img 1


    In the fourth stage of logo design, you will add color to your logo. First, you must select the correct colors and apply them to your logo. Next, you must choose the correct color palette for your brand. Then, you can choose your final color scheme.

    A color palette is a list of colors that are used in a design together. For example, all of the colors in my logo above are part of that logo’s color palette. A designer selects a particular color palette for their design depending on the message they want to convey and the tone they want to set with their design.

    A color scheme refers to a group of related colors that have been selected from a larger list of available colors and are used together in a design. A designer usually creates a certain mood or feeling when choosing their color scheme.

    Seo Discovery 1

    Final Logo

    Here it is! Your final logo is completed and ready to be shown to the world.  It is one of the most important elements in your marketing campaigns. It’s used in all your branding pieces, on your website, and on all of your marketing collateral – from social media banners to print ads.  Get out there and show this beauty off!

    Design Process Img 1
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