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Content marketing is the biggest trend in digital marketing, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Information can be split into innumerable categories, geared toward enhancing your website’s traffic, SEO, email subscriptions, social media, reputation, lead generation, and more.

For good reason, too. Content marketing has become one of the best ways to drive traffic, leads, and conversions while creating an excellent brand image for your business. Businesses are now focusing more on content marketing than ever before, and spending the time and resources to make sure it covers everything they need it to. But what exactly is content marketing? And how can you be sure that you’re doing it right?

What is Content Marketing?

Content is a powerful tool for any business that wants to attract new customers and increase awareness for their brand. In its simplest terms, content marketing involves the creation of valuable content for your target audience.

It can take many forms, from blog posts, titles, descriptions, articles, newsletters, email, social media, influencer marketing as well as publishing articles about your company. As long as it’s valuable to your audience and easily found online, it’s a candidate for content marketing.

Inspiring content can be a huge help in promoting your business and increasing sales because it provides a way to reach out to your target audience with valuable information that they’re looking for.

How do you know what kind of content to produce?

To attract visitors, you need to produce content that is valuable for them. That means you should be creating content that will benefit for your target audience. Solo ads are a great way to gain exposure for your affiliate products or network marketing business. But how do you know what kind of content to produce?

One of the best ways to figure out what people want to read about is by using Google Trends. Google Trends can show you what people are interested in and it can also help you predict future trends. Use Google trends to conduct a word search for many different topics.

For example, let’s search for ‘dog’. The biggest spike in searches occurred on June 17th, 2019. You’ll notice that there is a drop in popularity beginning around October 2019 and then growing again from January 2020 onward. If you were going to use this information as a basis for a new piece of content, it would make sense to write something about dogs around November or December so that it would be fresh when the trend was beginning again.

Do you have the time and energy to create the content?

If you are the owner of a small business, you probably do not have the time to create quality content.
And in this day and age, it is important to have quality content if you want your website to be in the top results in search engines.
How can you get fresh, new content when you do not have the time or energy for this? You should consider Spark Factory to manage your content creation.

Here are some reasons why you need to outsource your content creation:

  • Time. It takes time to write articles and blog posts and create videos and podcasts. You may also be able to find someone who will do the work cheaply, but will the quality be there? If it is not, then what is the point? You will just be wasting your money.
  • Energy and Ideas. Having somebody else write your content can take a lot of energy away from you. This is because you need to focus on more important things such as creating products or managing employees. You will have more energy when you get rid of all of that writing work!
  • Know How and Practice. Content creation does take some practice and know how. However, working with Spark Factory, you will get vetted writing professionals who have been generating and publishing content online for over 20 years.

Do you want to be a thought leader in your industry?

Thought leaders in a given industry are typically people who have thought deeply about the issues affecting their industry and who offer unique insight into solving problems with fresh, creative ideas. There is a way to become a thought leader in your industry, and it doesn’t necessarily involve writing books or giving speeches or doing any of the other things that most people think of when they think of thought leaders.

Are you an expert in your field?

Are you knowledgeable about trends and developments in your industry? Do you have thoughts and ideas about the future of your particular niche? Do you believe that there are better ways to do things than what is currently being done? If so, then you probably already qualify as a thought leader in your field. If you want to be considered a thought leader in your field, all you need to do is start talking. It may be scary at first. You might feel like no one will listen to what you have to say, or that your ideas aren’t worth sharing or that everyone will laugh at you for thinking outside the box. But if this is how you feel, that’s even more reason to get out there and let people know what’s on your mind.

How soon are you ready to see results?

Getting results starts in as little as three weeks and grows over time. The time it takes to get results from content marketing depends on how you approach it. If you do it right, you’ll start getting leads and conversions almost immediately. If you do it wrong, your leads and conversions will be few and far between.

If you’re just getting started with content marketing, here’s what you need to know about how much time it takes to see results.

You’ll see results immediately if you work with Spark Factory. Why? because this is what we do!

For You To Succeed

You will need to have a strategy in place before you publish every piece of content. Your strategy should keep your audience in mind at all times. Know who you want to target, what they are searching for, what they are reading, what they are posting on social media, etc. Ask yourself if this piece of content is going to help them in some way — whether that’s solving a problem, giving them entertainment or otherwise making their life easier. If the answer is no, then don’t publish it! You can waste hours writing posts that have little or no value to your readers. Don’t let that happen to you!

reporting is key

Where To Publish?

Next you will need to have a good traffic sources lined up to promote your content once it’s published. Content promotion isn’t optional if you want your content marketing campaign to work for you. It isn’t enough just to publish great pieces of content on your website.

How Is Your Website Performing?

Did you know that Google released a new core update in June 2021 where page speed affects your rankings on the search results pages (SERPS)?


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