Face it, everyone shows up for their name

But where do you rank for your keywords? 

Getting in the top 3 in Google Maps listings (aka Local 3-Pack) for your main keywords is THE most important thing you can do to increase phone calls, leads and customers from people searching for your products and services but don’t already know you.



Google Maps 3-Pack for marketing agency Virginia Beach

Be #1 on GooglMaps in your market


By displaying your business at the top of the Google Maps section, you will stand out from the competition and drive more sales to your clients business.  Your business information such as rating, address, website, phone number, and store hours will become more visible to potential customers. We rank generic keywords such as “plumber Virginia Beach”, “contractor Newport News” etc. in the top of local searches to generate free leads.


Sarah Lamar
Sarah Lamar
Spark Factory knows its stuff, and working with its team has been simple and easy. They presented a few plans based on my budget and I am seeing their work starting to produce clients and clicks. Would highly recommend it.
Matthew P. Goodman
Matthew P. Goodman
Working with Spark Factory for the past three months has been a great experience. They gave our website a major boost, helping it show up better on searches organically and setting up conversion tracking that we've never had with any other company. We're very happy with the work they've done and couldn't recommend them more highly!
robert kalya
robert kalya
Excelent service, Very profesional, Great people. Fully recommended to anyone invested in taking their business to a very high level.
waleed zaii
waleed zaii
Spark Factory absolutely amazing and The members of their staff are very knowledgeable and have been so successful in strengthening the web presence of our company.
Joe Solomon
Joe Solomon
We never realized the potential of Google Maps - and we've saved a ton on advertising costs! It's incredible how far we've come without spending a dime on ads. Thank you Scott and your team for the campaign.
Sohaib khan
Sohaib khan
Absolutely loved working with this team. VERY responsive knowledgeable, and honest. The Owner is really incredible too. Would recommend.
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas
We worked with Michelle at Spark Factory and she was phenomenal. Every time we had an issue she was there to respond to us quickly. Their program really works!
Thomas G. Tanner
Thomas G. Tanner
We got Spark Factory on board to help us create a new website and market it, and the results were amazing - we got a 10x return on our investment! They really know their stuff when it comes to marketing, and they're super professional to boot!
Tonny Robbins
Tonny Robbins
Scott is very focused on ROI and helping small business grow. We loved working with him to define goals, strategy and how to grow. Thanks Scott!

How Pricing Works

In the world of search and Google Maps, Keyword Difficulty is a handy metric which helps you understand how hard it would be to rank for a particular search. This is especially important in Google Maps. Added: For example, the keyword "personal injury attorney" in New York City would have a much higher keyword difficulty than "hairdresser" in Macon, Georgia. Therefore, ranking the attorney in NYC would require a lot more resources than the hairdresser in a less populated area. People who are new to local search may confuse ‘Keyword Difficulty’ with ‘Competition’ in the Google Keyword Planner. ‘Competition’ only refers to paid search results while ‘Keyword Difficulty’ applies to organic (unpaid) search results. Unchanged: kw-difficulty-scale

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Increased rankings happen in as little as 3 weeks.

Drive more sales with GooglMaps

Maps is Hyper Local, grabbing users with intent to buy now. If you’re not ranking on the top of page one for your keyword(s), you’re not getting noticed, and missing out on a lot of free leads. Get to to the top with Spark Local today!

Plumber Near Me on Google Maps


Full Service Marketing

A well-constructed marketing campaign can increase lead flow, multiply revenue, and spread brand awareness. At Spark Factory, we have a dynamic approach to marketing, tailored to the specific needs of each client for branding, logo design, promotion, and advertising. We handle everything, so you can keep innovating.

White Glove Reviews

Reviews and ratings are the lifeblood of a successful business on the internet. Without online reviews, you’re invisible to potential customers. And the reviews you do get are only as good as their visibility. According to Marketing Charts, 92% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 64% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a business’s own advertising. And, in fact, many businesses are seeing that positive online reviews can be a major driver of revenue.

Web Care Program

Spark Factory is a leading cloud hosting company that provides high-speed website hosting for businesses and individuals. We use the latest technology to provide reliable web hosting services to our customers. Spark Factory uses Ultra Fast HTTP2  Servers for the fastest, most reliable website hosting. Our SmartWeb architecture uses an innovative combination of application acceleration and load balancing to provide consistent performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional hosting providers. We know you need your site to be up and running 24/7, so we back it all up with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Commercial Printing

At Spark Factory we cover a vast array of services for businesses. From Brochures, Postcards (full service), Catalogs, Flyers, Club Flyers, Disposable Menu’s, Holiday Cards, Restaurant Printing, Indoor & Outdoor Banners and much more. With over 25 years of printing experience, we turn around most projects within just a few days. Moreover we will ship your print job directly to you. We are a white glove service that focuses on providing the perfect job every time. Moreover we will beat any quote!

Web Design

Tired of dealing with designers and developers who do not understand what you need? Frustrated by web design agencies who don’t have the skills or experience to deliver on time and on budget? Spark Factory’s team of web designers and developers are passionate about what they do, and they take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

We design and develop beautiful websites, that are simple to use, fully responsive and optimized for search engines. We do this while remaining conscious of your budget.


Spark Factory is a trusted partner for Google Maps. Our mission is to help your business generate more leads and sales through Google Maps. We will confirm your Google My Business listing and get started right away to get you ranking at the top of Google Maps for your keywords.


Yes, we guarantee that we will move your listing toward the top of Google maps within 90 days. We benchmark every account on day 1 for the keywords to record its starting point.

No, we are enhancing the profile to be stronger than your competition. So you rank higher in search results.

Generally, up to 5 miles. Local search in maps is for local businesses.

The first step is to get on a call with us to research keywords and confirm they are in your budget. Next we will send you a link to checkout. So we can confirm your Google Maps account, Name, Address & Phone number.

Yes, we provide monthly reporting.

That depends on your current ranking, keyword density, competition. Most clients start seeing results in 3 weeks.

Support is available via email at We are available from 10 am – 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.

We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA.

We have been in digital marketing for 22 years and consider ourselves experts at helping small businesses grow. We’ve helped 100’s of small businesses grow to 8 figure companies.