Sales Onboarding Videos

How to access your new email account

You will receive an email from Gmail inviting you to login to your Spark Factory email account. You will be prompted to change your temporary password. Once logged in, you will have access to the whole G-Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, etc).

Access LastPass, our corporate password manager.

LastPass is our password manager so we can share assets with the team in a secure, reliable manner. You will be given access to passwords for sites needed for your role. You will also be able to store your own passwords, that can be autofilled when you log into websites.
Additional information on how Last Pass works is available at:

How to add Lastpass Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome Extension will allow you to easily fill in usernames and passwords to the tools you use online. Chrome Web Store:

How to create your voicemail MP3 recording

Check out this 2 min video on how to record MP3’s that you will need for our CRM!

How to Connect our CRM to Google and your Google Calendar

You’ll want to connect your CRM account to Google so you can integrate your email and calendar within the CRM.

How to use D7 Lead Finder

D7 lead finder allows you to search for businesses in a specific industry and location.

How to find leads using Apollo

Apollo will allow you to search for people in specific industries, by location, by title and more.

How to upload a contact into our CRM

How to use the Power Dialer in our CRM

How to respond to contacts in our CRM

Email, text, calendar appointments, all Coming soon!