How Berkey Filters used Spark Factory to grow their business 400x in one year.

Berkey filters are the leading water filter in the world. Their filters remove 99.9% of all contaminants & viruses.

We started working with Berkey Filters in February of 2019 by conducting a Website Audit, SEOAudit, and PPCAudit.

The results were astonishing. Berkey filters did not rank in the top 100 for prominent high volume keywords and needed a strategy to generate sales.


Content Marketing – By using a marketing calendar we developed content in 60 day sprints so all the content was approved and scheduled 2x per day.

The SEOResults – Page #1 rankings across the board for high volume (2400 searches) keywords. Totaling 91 keywords.

Once conversion tracking was implemented to measure sales revenue we were able to grow the account from $1,000.00 monthly budget to $186,000.00 to achieve the following monthly results.

Conversion Value: $658,342.00 monthly
Total Conversions: 2886
Average Cost Per Acquisition: $14.86


Bereky Filters Case Study Results

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