The COVID-19 pandemic and Digital Marketing.

COVID-19 pandemic and Digital Marketing, SEO experts are here to keep Businesses afloat.

Let us be sensible of our content and listen to SEO experts so that we can adapt throughout the pandemic.

Research data about websites from different industries are showing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The website’s performance dropped by an average of 20% for the past two weeks, except for those businesses/products that were considered an essential human need. As a result, most businesses are trimming their budgets.

The question is “Are these analytics data 100% accurate??”

If you’ll look around, you will notice that 80% of the workers are now working remotely at home. A large number of home-based workers may affect your analytics data. Scott Aadal, Chief Digital Officer at Sparkfactory said: “Your employees might be counted in your analytics metrics, even though you had previously created a filter for this.” We should keep this in mind when measuring or creating a report about our Digital Marketing results.

Now is the right time to take advantage of email marketing!
The first step to keep your businesses afloat is to use email to your advantage. With little costs and high effectiveness, it is time to generate some email campaigns. Create emails that would remind customers that you are here to help them. Show empathy and remind them of the trust that was built by a customer to business and vice versa.

Take note. Be sensitive, since we don’t know how difficult it is for them to survive within this COVID-19 pandemic.

Do your best to carry on your SEO investment!

The second step is to continue SEO and content marketing. We know that websites’ performances are dropping and businesses are now reducing their respective funds for digital marketing. We need to understand SEO’s deep meaning, Understanding SEO will save us.

If you will look into the detail, The websites’ performance data and Google Search Console shows search impressions are dropping but their ranking has stayed the same.

This is the top reason why you should still spend for SEO, since reducing your costs to SEO means that you are risking your website’s respective ranking. CoronaVirus & Why Pulling Back Your Investment in SEO will Hurt More
Nick Eubanks, CEO of From the Future stated: “I personally believe that companies that continue to execute on their planned digital marketing campaigns, and more specifically, on their planned content and conversion strategies around SEO as an acquisition channel, will be poised for faster (and more effective) recovery when we come out the other side.”

SEO experts are there to figure out new ways to keep your business running.

As the lockdown continues, most businesses are now venturing new types of marketing to earn money through this pandemic. Imagine a business owner or an employee suddenly switched from marketing their products physically to marketing it online through live stream. This drastic change would be very difficult for a normal person to overcome within a short time frame.

Pedro Dias, managing partner at apis3 and former Google search quality analyst stated:
“Some clients have a harder time figuring out how they can adapt to this online version of their business,” and as an example, Dias used his client in the Car manufacturing industry.
“We are trying to find ways for them, because they are like, ‘Okay, customers might not buy a car, but they can buy car parts,’” Dias said. “So we are advising and trying to figure out which parts of their business they can push to work and which basically are not going to get any traction anytime soon.”

Even though the client can’t sell any cars, Dias was able to help the client earn money by empowering certain parts of the business to their advantage.


Be Sensible.

Again, just like what I mentioned earlier. We should be sensitive in our messages since fighting this COVID-19 pandemic is not a joke. We should sound empathetic and helpful, Please avoid being aggressive because people may think that you’re taking advantage of this current situation.

Pedro Dias stated:
“We are trying more to act as mentors rather than push any work,” “We are just trying to navigate this with them and lend our knowledge as much as we can, and since we always position ourselves as a consultancy more than an agency, we try to be side by side with them.”

SEO experts are saying that good communication with the clients is a top priority.

SEO is a long term investment.  Creating a game-plan with the clients is the key to pull through this pandemic. Make plans for the next three to six months. While the end of the virus is not yet on the horizon, make sure to be ready to bounce back. Imagine the demand, for people, have been wanting to do/buy things they weren’t able to do at home.

Hopefully, this pandemic would end soon, Stay safe everyone.

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