Why You Need to Offset PPC with SEO & Email Marketing


If you’re going to invest in paid ads, it’s important to offset them with email marketing campaigns.

ppc and email open rates
Here are four reasons why:

You need to build trust before asking for money

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new campaign and reach out to customers right away. But that can lead to disappointment if they don’t respond the way you want them to. There’s no substitute for building trust and familiarity with your brand over time. You can do this through email marketing efforts such as newsletters or blog posts.

Paid advertising gets expensive fast

If you’re running ads on Facebook or Google AdWords, you have to pay for each click or impression — plus the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate increases as more people see your ad over time. That means it can get expensive fast if your ad doesn’t perform well from the start. Email marketing is cheaper because it drives qualified traffic directly to your website where all visitors are valuable whether they buy immediately or not. It also allows you to follow up with those who don’t convert immediately so they don’t slip through the cracks because they weren’t ready yet or forgot about their visit

Email marketing is the most direct way to connect with your customers. It’s also a great way to create brand loyalty and build customer relationships.

If you use paid ads, they should be offset by email marketing campaigns that target the same audience.

Here are five reasons why:

1. You can build trust in your brand and product through email marketing, even if it’s not directly related to paid ads. You can add value to your customers’ lives by sharing tips or offering discounts, for example, which will make them more likely to purchase from you as well as refer others to your business.

2.Email marketing gives you access to real-time data about who your customers are and how they behave. You can use this information when creating new content or campaigns for your paid ads so that you know what resonates with them most (and what doesn’t). This will help you get better results with less money invested in advertising spend over time because you won’t be wasting money on ads that don’t work anymore!

3.Email marketing lets you communicate directly with potential clients without them having to take any action before seeing what you have to offer (except clicking on a link). Paid ads typically require

Paid ads are a great way to get your brand in front of the right people, but they aren’t always the most efficient way to grow your business. That’s why you need to offset your paid ads with SEO campaigns.

SEO is about building authority and trust with your audience, making it easier for people to find you organically on search engines. When someone searches for something related to your business or industry, you want them to see your content first. This gives them a reason to check out your site, which could lead them down the path toward becoming a customer if they’re not already one.

It all comes down to ROI: return on investment. Paid ads can give you fast results — but only if you’re targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time. With SEO, there’s no guarantee that your content will rank high enough in search results for people who aren’t already familiar with what you do. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways for businesses of all sizes and budgets to get started with SEO campaigns today!

Paid advertising is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. It’s also a great way to get your name out there and increase brand awareness. But what if the only thing you’re paying for is a website that no one can find?

SEO campaigns are a crucial part of any successful digital marketing campaign because they help ensure that your paid ads don’t go to waste. When it comes to paid advertising, there’s a lot more at stake than simply getting people to click on your ads. You want people to visit your site, but also stay there and come back again and again. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for after the first visit, they probably won’t come back again — which means no leads and no sales.

That’s why it’s so important that you offset your paid ads with SEO campaigns: They help ensure that people will find your business online when they search for certain keywords related to your products or services. For example, if someone searches “plumber” in Google, it’s likely that his or her first search result will be one of our clients — not just because we know how to optimize websites for search engines but because we have content on our sites that answers questions potential customers might have about plumbers

If you’re just starting out with paid advertising, it’s tempting to throw all your money at Facebook and Google. But if you’re not careful, you could end up spending a lot of money on expensive clicks that don’t produce sales.

You need to offset the cost of paid ads with SEO campaigns that bring in new customers without additional expenses. Here’s why:

Paid traffic is more expensive than organic traffic. According to a study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the average cost-per-click for Google AdWords was $2.71 in 2018 compared to $1.93 for Facebook Ads and $0.86 for organic search results. This means that every dollar spent on paid advertising will generate fewer leads than a dollar spent on SEO or social media marketing.

Paid ads require additional work beyond just setting up campaigns and running them. You need to constantly monitor the performance of your ads and make changes based on what works best (and what doesn’t). Paid advertisements also take time to optimize — you can’t just set up an account and walk away until you see results!

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