Month: November 2019

The BERT update: What does it mean for your search results?

It’s no secret. Google updates its algorithm numerous times throughout the year that its no longer news. However, the company recently announced it’sBert Update which they revealed is the technology giant’s most important algorithm improvement they’ve rolled out in the last five years. Initially launched in the English language, the Bert Update will impact 1

Everything You Need to Know About Internal Link Building

In the SEO industry, when you hear the term “link building,” you probably assume the person is talking about external links or backlinks. This makes sense. After all, backlinks from other websites are a strong signal to search engines and a driving force behind organic search rankings. But there is another type of link building

Top Common ECommerce SEO Problems That Stores Face

If you want to sell products online, people first have to be able to find your store online. That feels like a simplistic concept, but in reality, it’s anything but simple. Ecommerce stores rely on search engine traffic to increase their brand awareness, sell more items, and drive profit. People find eCommerce stores through search

Google’s John Mueller Answers Question About Negative SEO

In a Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question from a web publisher who asked what to do about a suspected negative SEO attack. The web publisher asked if he should wait until he received a manual action from Google. Here is the question: “My website gets hundreds of links that seem to be

4 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

  If you’re even marginally familiar with SEO, you’ve likely heard the maxim “content is king.” While I won’t be discussing that exact topic today, the claim still has some relevance here. Suppose you’ve done your market research, scoped out the high-traffic pages you’re looking to optimize, and written your killer, keyword-infused content. Then you