Month: October 2019

Google’s Danny Sullivan Responds Directly to DuckDuckGo’s Anti-Privacy Claims

ADVERTISEMENT In a rare move from Google, Search Liaison Danny Sullivan has responded directly to negative claims made by DuckDuckGo. Sullivan responded to a tweet from DuckDuckGo in which a video was shared that contains “five good reasons” why users should stop using Google and Facebook. Most people now know companies like Google & Facebook

Creating Buyer Personas for Effective Marketing

Buyer personas can help your business create compelling content, drive more sales, and keep your customers happy and loyal. The problem is, though, creating good buyer personas can be difficult. Where do you start? This post will break it all down. We’ll dive right into what a buyer persona is, explain why they’re valuable and

SEO Courses: The Best SEO Training Options in 2019 (Free and Paid)

If you’re going to be managing an SEO campaign, it’s best you have some formal training in the art of search engine optimization. While it’s not necessary to major specifically in SEO at a university, you should at least be seeking some higher education, specifically digital marketing certification courses and advanced training classes. Careers in

Organic vs. Paid Search: (66 Astonishing) Statistics for 2019

Let’s just come out and say it: this is not the first “search statistics” article ever written. But a quick glance through the top results doesn’t give you what you need. You’ll see posts covering organic search statistics, resources covering paid search statistics, or a walk-through for how to succeed with an organic search strategy.

Why You Should Integrate Search Marketing into Your Organization’s Culture

Digital marketing continues to evolve and search remains a big driver of performance within it. Industry terminology continues to shift into things like “performance marketing.” Regardless of what we call it, search marketing and drilling down specifically into SEO and paid search, is often still siloed or walled off from the rest of the marketing