Month: June 2019

Google: Disallowed URLs Do Not Affect Crawl Budget

Google’s Gary Illyes updated his original writeup on crawl budget with clarification about disallowed URLs. The document now includes the following information: “Q: Do URLs I disallowed through robots.txt affect my crawl budget in any way? A: No, disallowed URLs do not affect the crawl budget.” The question refers to the “User-agent: * Disallow: /”

How to Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objective for Your Goals

Facebook Ad objectives are the backbone of any Facebook campaign: the objective controls your bidding options, your ad unit options, and, the way your campaigns are optimized. There are 13 campaign objectives to choose from but not much supporting content to help make that selection. Because of this, getting started with Facebook can be a

80% of Voice Search Answers Are From Top 3 Organic Results [STUDY] – Search Engine Journal

A recent study on voice search indicates that content is more likely to be returned for a query if it ranks in the top 3 web search positions. SEMRush conducted an in-depth analysis of over 50,000 queries to find out which are the most essential ranking factors behind voice search. In addition to ranking in

Google Analytics is Blocked by Firefox, Mozilla Explains Why [UPDATED] – Search Engine Journal

Representatives from Mozilla, parent company of Firefox, have explained why the browser is now blocking Google Analytics by default. An updated version of the Firefox browser was released this week which blocks all trackers including Google Analytics. That means traffic data may be affected when visitors are using the latest version of Firefox. Mozilla claims

A Quick Guide to Non-Google Search & Display Ads in Asia

Search engine marketing and display advertising are some of the best ways to reach your audience in a target market. In a way, this is more appealing to brands and website owners doing (or hoping to do) businesses in multiple countries considering the fact that you can begin advertising in new and different markets in

NEW: Using Chrome DevTools users can execute a Chrome geolocation spoof – Search Engine Journal

Google published a developers page about overriding the geographic location (chrome geolocation spoof) via Chrome DevTools. This new page supersedes an older version. Chrome can override your geographic location and show a different location with Chrome DevTools. This is so that you can test to see how a website responds to a different geographic location.