Messenger Marketing in 2019

The explosive rise of messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is hard to ignore, and provides many new opportunities for businesses trying to engage new customers. The usage of these apps have grown exponentially in the past few years, with Facebook leading the way in the US with over 110 million monthly users. And here is the kicker- it has only been active since March 2017! In a few years, messenger apps will be one of the biggest marketing channels in the world. It has already given rise to a new type of marketing- Messenger Marketing. Based on the previous trends for this explosive platform, here are Spark factory’ predictions for Messenger Marketing in 2019.

It will lower the cost of customer service.

AI based ad bots can bring the customer in by providing the basic information about your company and answering the most frequently asked questions, without the need of a customer service representative. But just because you are using a bot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a personal touch! Personal touches are what turn automated messages into real leads. According to Ana Miller from A2 Communications Group, “Businesses can engage in real-time conversations that allow for personalization when using messenger. And brands who take advantage of engaging in this high-impact tailored approach will see results. Personalization is key when developing a strategy for utilizing messenger.”

It will lower the cost of a qualified sales lead.

Between advertising, outreach, employee salaries, and more, lead generation can get expensive. Companies are regularly spending hundreds of dollars and countless work hours to reach their clients. It’s no wonder they are looking to modify the process and make their leads more profitable. A good AI based messaging bot can not only bring the customer in, but once the lead responds, the bot can also nurture and remind them about your business. Now instead of endless follow ups, your time is free to provide quality service to your customers.

It will streamline workflow.

With AI based messaging, any company can be available to its customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Today’s customer is impatient. If they don’t get an answer fast enough, they will move to the next company. A bot allows your customer support to be online all the time, with instant replies to the customer’s queries. These bots paired with your own expertise and human touch will work together to present a modernized and efficient business that customers can trust. Like Katie Schibler Conn from KSA Marketing + Partnerships says, “A bot may be a customer’s first brand interaction, so be sure it is supported with the right tone, personality and language to authentically support your brand identity. Keep it simple, on brand and human to directly connect with your audience.”

Messenger Marketing is an exciting way to gain brand recognition and trust, and is still relatively new. Using this information and industry insights, Spark factory Digital helps brands gain valuable tractions through AI based Ad Bots. The future of marketing has already shifted due to the rise of Messenger Marketing. Don’t let your competition gain the upper hand by integrating this technology first, and don’t wait to implement it in your own business. Spark factory can give you a valuable edge on your competition while improving your bottom line by integrating AI based Messenger Marketing to your outreach program.

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