SEL Brief May 30 2019

Good morning, do you have a new site in the works?

If so, take note that Google will start defaulting to mobile-first indexing for all new sites starting July 1. We reported earlier this week that the change in July will only affect new sites that have been “previously unknown to Google Search.” If you have an older website that is still not included in mobile-first indexing, Google will wait to do so until “they’re seen as being ready” and will notify you in Google Search Console.

What’s this mean? If you’re building new sites — and care about organic search traffic — be sure to test that they render well on mobile devices. Google started migrating sites to mobile-first indexing in March 2018 and now indexes more than 50% of pages based on how they render on mobile. Mobile-first becoming the default indexing method for new sites marks a milestone for the mobile web.

And if you’re building or running sites on WordPress and use the Yoast SEO plugin, the latest version, among other updates, lets you set an image for a person in the Knowledge Graph and section of the plugin.

Over on the automated bidding front in Google Ads, say farewell to target outranking share and target search page location bid strategies. They’ll no longer be available for new campaigns as of the end of June. Campaigns still using them will eventually be switched to target impression share, in which you can set page location targets. This fits in with Google’s new approach to page location metrics — top of page and absolute top impressions — and coming elimination of average position reporting.

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Ginny Marvin

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