WordPress Speed Optimization Service: Because Your Website Speed Matters


You might have come across many digital marketing agencies that offer a WordPress speed optimization service. Did it make you wonder why a website even requires speed-boosting? Since when did speed become one of the most critical elements of a successful website? 

Your website speed matters. There are no two ways about it. Let us probe into the whys and hows. 

WP Speed

What is site speed, after all?

Before we look into why speed matters, it is essential that you know what exactly we mean when we say the word “speed” in relation to your WordPress website. Simply put, your website speed refers to how fast a browser can load all the web pages of your site. According to Google, site speed signifies the time it takes for your users to view and interact with your website’s content. And what professional WordPress speed optimization services do is decrease this “time” to make your website load faster. 

The importance of site speed

Now, let us come to the meat of the matter: why should your website have a faster speed, and how does it impact your business? 

Conversion Rate

The speed of your website has a tangible impact on your conversion rates. If you have a slower website, your target audience will not take the action you want them to, such as buying your products or services.  

It is common knowledge that no user likes to wait for a website to load; longer loading time makes them more likely to bounce to another website, perhaps to your competitor’s. If your potential customer does not wait for your website to load, it is obvious that your intended sales message failed to reach them. This means they are not going to be inquiring about your product or service offering any time soon, which is bad for business. 

The opposite is also true: faster websites will receive positive responses from the users. Your customers will convert smoothly if you have a reduced page load time.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of users that leave your website after viewing only one web page. It indicates that the user did not find the information they were looking for on the web page or did not know how to find it. Of course, higher bounce rates are not ideal if you want to reach your business goals. However, higher bounce rates become inevitable with slower websites. 

You will be surprised to know how big of a difference even a second can make when it comes to your website’s loading time. According to Pingdom AB, a Swedish website monitoring SaaS company, the bounce rates can skyrocket to 38% when your website loads in 5 seconds. Whereas, it is only 9% if your website loads in 2 seconds—yes, even 3 seconds cannot be underestimated. (Source: Does Page Load Time Really Affect Bounce Rate? –

Search Engine Ranking

Website speed has become one of the primary ranking factors of Google. Understanding that speed directly impacts the user experience and endeavoring to enhance the same, the search giant has taken this step. The Google crawlers assess your website and its speed before ranking it on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When Google gets a report that your website is slow and delivers a poor user experience, it will not bother ranking you anywhere. If that happens, you can say goodbye to any traffic and conversions. No wonder businesses are constantly leveraging the WordPress speed optimization service to boost their website speed. 

What does the WordPress speed optimization service include? 

The speed optimization service package includes the following components:

Image Compression:

These services help the websites improve their site speed by compressing the images. Why is that important? Because high-quality images are one of the key reasons behind longer loading times and slower websites.  


Browsers temporarily store a website’s file so that you can access them quickly when you revisit the website. The stored files can include anything from HTML files and JavaScript to heavy images. When you install and configure caching plugins, such as WP Super Cache, you can significantly increase the speed of your website. 

Handling slow plugin:

While plugins are used to improve the functionality of websites, they can also be the reason behind slow websites. When you get your site’s speed optimized by a professional, they will expose and remove the plugins that are slowing down your website. 

If you want to save yourself from the negative consequences of a slow website, then you should consider capitalizing on professional WordPress speed optimization services. This will help lower the loading time of your website and enable you to reach your business goals faster. If the aforementioned solutions don’t fix your speed issues, it is possible you could need a full redesign or migration to faster servers. Give Spark Factory a call if you are in need of these services.

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