WordPress Speed Optimization Service: Optimizing Theme To Boost Performance


The WordPress simplistic default theme is quite dull and less appealing. Therefore, people install various themes to boost the visual appearance of their website. You must know what these themes are if you own a WordPress website. Regardless of how unique your website looks with these themes, WordPress speed optimization service providers like Spark Factory and Search Engine Journal reveal that they can be the hidden cause behind your slow website. 

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Is Your WordPress Theme Ruining Your Website Performance? 

If you want a fast website that drives organic traffic, you will have to carefully install the themes and not get tricked by their appearance. There are many ways you can check whether or not your theme is worthy of being installed and is unlikely to cause any problems in the future. 

Check for the update. You should only install a WP theme that has been updated recently. Outdated themes will only make your website slower. 

Look at the reviews as they will reveal if someone has experienced speed issues with the theme. You can even contact the developer to ask whether the theme will cause issues or not and if it was developed, keeping site speed in mind. 

Additionally, try to run the demo on both desktop and mobile devices. This will tell you about the responsiveness of the theme. It should load fast on both devices. 

Run your website in a seed testing tool, such as Google Page Speed Insights, to check if your current theme is free from problems. If the results of the speed test reveal major problems, you should consider using a WordPress speed optimization service.

Here’s How You Can Optimize Your WordPress Theme

If you want to steer clear of slower website, then this is what you can do to improve and optimize the WordPress theme:


When it comes to WordPress themes, less is more. The fewer the elements on your page, the faster it will load. A web page with fewer page elements will have improved loading time and be clear, crisp, and organized look-wise. This will boost the user experience and give you a leg up in search rankings. So, simplify your CSS files to save on stylesheet size. Further, get rid of those carousels; they load countless heavy images that kill your speed. Instead, stick to a single optimized image for better speed and usability. 


To minify and make your website faster, focus on your CSS and Javascript files. You can remove the extra information, such as whitespace, comments, and additional characters. You can even combine individual files that usually load individually to boost your site performance. Combining these asset files will reduce the number of requests the browser has to make, thus, improving loading time.

Image optimization

Surprisingly, the high-quality images that you stuff your website with are the most common site speed killers. To prevent images from increasing your loading time, compress them so you can save bandwidth. Additionally, you can optimize the image size using software like Adobe Photoshop. This will drastically improve your site speed. 

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading simply refers to deferring the loading of non-critical files, such as images, to improve the loading time of critical files. The non-critical files will only load when they are needed. When files are delayed from loading as the user visits the page, the speed of the page is automatically improved. If you think there is a lot of content on your website that your visitors will not need to load, you can use WordPress plugins like Lazy Load to refrain it from loading. 

Home Page Optimization

If there is any page that you should be paying attention to, it is your home page. You should aim to make your home page load as quickly as possible as this is what they first access before exploring other web pages of your website. You can optimize your home page by reducing content, limiting the articles, eliminating inactive plugins, and removing social media widgets. In other words, make your home page clutter-free and keep only the most critical information around to make every page on your website snappy. 

Monitoring Plugins

Any WordPress site owner knows how crucial plugins are. They massively improve the functionality of a website. However, they can also increase the loading time of your website. If you use a lot of plugins, you could be testing the patience of your visitors. So, the key is to use plugins moderately. Remove unnecessary plugins to have a highly optimized WordPress theme. 

Once you are through all these steps, you will have a well-optimized theme that will load much faster. And if you are not ready to take the pain of optimizing the theme on your own, you surely have WordPress speed optimization services to fall back on! 

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