Are you taking advantage of Google RSAs?

Every year Google throws a lot of great stuff at SEO professionals and PPC marketers.  There are some programs are pretty easy to make sense of and implement while others can be a challenge. If you’re not careful you could really be missing the opportunity to utilize new measures that can have your positive impact on your campaign. 

Google has recently released its quarterly stats report. Let’s take a look at how advertisers have responded to the rollout of recent developments. 

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Google RSA and Smart Bidding Stats

RSAs are one of those newly introduced Google developments that are typically overlooked. On July 10, 2018, Google officially rolled out its new responsive search ad format which was just one of several initiatives that focused on automation and machine learning. In a nutshell, responsive search ads allow advertisers to produce ad copy that provides more relevant copy to the searcher and can be easily adapted to show more text. RSA can help improve your website’s clickthrough rate and decrease the cost per lead. 


RSA has quickly become a standard feature in a comprehensive SEO strategy.  In fact, we learn in Google’s Q3 review that more than one million advertisers are using RSA in their PPC campaign. Approximately 25% of Google advertisers have adopted responsive search ads. 


Smart Bidding is another awesome Adwords tool that was popular this quarter. Smart bidding helps digital advertisers make accurate bids on keywords. Smart bidding strategies allow for automated bidding using a specific set of signals or characteristics. Seventy percent of advertisers are now optimized with smart bidding. 


This year a lot of emphases were placed on Google’s machine learning and automation algorithms which happened to work out well for the company since many digital advertisers made great use of these tools.  Also, these recent smart ads that are powered by machine learning were designed to attract small business owners 


Mobile Search Stats in Q3

Google generated $33.9 billion dollars in ad revenue in the third quarter which was a 17% increased from the profits they accrued last year in the third quarter. According to Google’s SEO Sundar Pichai, ad revenue growth was largely driven by mobile search. Youtube also played a major role in the company’s success in this third quarter. This is no surprise since the mobile search is Google’s kingpin. 


Google Quarter 3 Stats and Your Business

While Google’s Q3 revenue growth stats don’t have a direct effect on your business or marketing campaigns can help provide important insight. When you take a look at what Adword tools digital advertisers are using it can help to tailor your campaign to the current trends especially if they have proven to be effective for other advertisers. For instance, smart bidding and responsive search ads were previously tools that were overlooked, advertisers and business owners. However, the recent popularity of tools that are powered by machine learning technology has inspired other businesses to open up to the idea of using such tools and they’ve experienced tremendous success. 

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