3 Lethal PPC Mistakes You Need to Avoid

PPC or Pay Per Click is a good marketing option for companies looking to improve their advertising on all levels and get that necessary boost they need. However, the most common benefits of a PPC campaign are improved sales, gathering more leads, and spreading brand awareness.

Still, not every PPC campaign is good, and if you aren’t careful about what you are doing, you might waste a lot of money and get little in return, which is counterproductive. To make the most out of your investment, no matter how big or small it may be, you need to avoid making crucial mistakes that can harm your campaign.

Here is what to look out for.

1.    Not adding ad extensions
Ads can have a lot of different extensions which advertisers can use. If the marketer creating a PPC ad campaign knows what he is doing, he will choose the extension that will drive the best results. This is done by including an extension that can truly give customers directions towards the information that they need.

In the past, there were older extensions such as location, social extensions, links, products extensions or phone numbers, but they were changed. Today, Google has brand new ad campaigns with different extensions, from basic ones that we just mentioned, e.g. app extensions and dynamic search extensions.

To get the maximum possible click-through rate, you need to set the right extensions suitable for your advertisement. It can depend on the type of ad, what your ad is about, what your business is about, and what goal you would like to achieve with your ad.

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2.    Forgetting how important the call to action is
All PPC ads need to have a call to action, period. There is simply no way around this, and if you forget to add CTAs to your ads, you are truly making a beginners mistake. Call to action buttons are the bread and butter of a good click-through rate. You need to give your audience the option to make an action inspired by your ad. Ask yourself, if you don’t do this, then what is the point of your ad?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common PPC campaigns mistakes people make and they lose on valuable clicks because of it. Another common mistake concerning call to action messages is that they are written very poorly. People either make them too long and confusing, or they are simply out of context. You need to make CTA messages short and clear, and ensure that they look like they belong there.

3.    Not choosing the right keywords for your ads
Not many people know that there are three keyword categories for PPC campaigns, including exact match, phrase match, and broad match. People don’t think that these are important or simply misunderstand them and choose the wrong type. However, if you don’t match the right type, you might harm your campaign in great measure.

The exact match type of keywords allows your ads to be displayed every time a person looks for the exact keywords based on which you ran your ads. A lot of people think that their ad will also appear for similar searches and then suddenly, they get very low conversions for their ads. A phrase match type allows your ads to pop out every time a certain phrase is entered in a search, no matter if it’s on its own or with other words.

Apart from setting the wrong keyword type, people also make mistakes by choosing keywords that have nothing to do with their websites. This can create a big confusion with Google and make your ads appear less. On top of that, you won’t get clicks; even if you do, it will be from people who are not interested in what you are offering.

In the end, if you’ve never made a PPC campaign on Google or Social Media, it’s a good idea to take a PPC test to learn more about your options and get valuable suggestions. Make sure to discuss these things with your PPC campaign managers and explore potential mistakes in order to avoid them. Need help, reachout.

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