Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page: What’s Better for Your Brand?

Social media has changed our world forever. It’s put us in contact with people faster than ever before, regardless of their location. It has also given people and businesses a way to connect that was previously unimaginable. Direct feedback, customer communication, praise, complaints, reviews – social media offers a way to obtain it all. And

Small Business SEO: 6 Ways to Simplify Your Weekly Approach

Contributions from our friends at Boston Web Design Company Up And Social I doubt many small business owners wake up in the morning and think to themselves, “I can’t wait to do some killer SEO today!” If SEO crosses a small business owner’s mind in the morning, it’s typically accompanied by feelings of dread and

Google: Disallowed URLs Do Not Affect Crawl Budget

Google’s Gary Illyes updated his original writeup on crawl budget with clarification about disallowed URLs. The document now includes the following information: “Q: Do URLs I disallowed through robots.txt affect my crawl budget in any way? A: No, disallowed URLs do not affect the crawl budget.” The question refers to the “User-agent: * Disallow: /”

How to Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objective for Your Goals

Facebook Ad objectives are the backbone of any Facebook campaign: the objective controls your bidding options, your ad unit options, and, the way your campaigns are optimized. There are 13 campaign objectives to choose from but not much supporting content to help make that selection. Because of this, getting started with Facebook can be a