Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve their search results. Most aren’t noticeable but help them to incrementally improve. Several times a year, Google makes significant, broad changes to their search algorithms and systems. They refer to these as “core updates.” Their designed to ensure that overall, Google is delivering

All Hail Hashtags! – The King of Social Media

Touch-tone telephone service was first unveiled in 1963 and became available to consumers in 1964. A touch-tone phone could make a total of seven tones. The way it worked was, the user pushed one button which produced a combination of two sounds. Microphones hooked to a computer listened for the sounds and was able to

Guest Posting in 2020 – How to Do it and Get Crazy Results

In the SEO world, you hear a lot of talk about guest posting as a way to improve your rankings.. A lot of people second guess that at first. Could providing content for other people’s websites really help yours? Absolutely. Guest posting is one of the best ways to extend your brand reach and get

6 Important Stats That Illustrate the Changes in SEO and Search

Can you remember the last thing you Googled? Yes, the internet is the largest information hub that exists today. Whether you’re interested in learning a new language, looking for steps on how to change a tire or cook a dish you can literally access all kinds of information in several viable formats. But it wasn’t

Are you taking advantage of Google RSAs?

Every year Google throws a lot of great stuff at SEO professionals and PPC marketers.  There are some programs are pretty easy to make sense of and implement while others can be a challenge. If you’re not careful you could really be missing the opportunity to utilize new measures that can have your positive impact

The BERT update: What does it mean for your search results?

It’s no secret. Google updates its algorithm numerous times throughout the year that its no longer news. However, the company recently announced it’sBert Update which they revealed is the technology giant’s most important algorithm improvement they’ve rolled out in the last five years. Initially launched in the English language, the Bert Update will impact 1

Everything You Need to Know About Internal Link Building

In the SEO industry, when you hear the term “link building,” you probably assume the person is talking about external links or backlinks. This makes sense. After all, backlinks from other websites are a strong signal to search engines and a driving force behind organic search rankings. But there is another type of link building

Top Common ECommerce SEO Problems That Stores Face

If you want to sell products online, people first have to be able to find your store online. That feels like a simplistic concept, but in reality, it’s anything but simple. Ecommerce stores rely on search engine traffic to increase their brand awareness, sell more items, and drive profit. People find eCommerce stores through search

Google’s John Mueller Answers Question About Negative SEO

In a Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question from a web publisher who asked what to do about a suspected negative SEO attack. The web publisher asked if he should wait until he received a manual action from Google. Here is the question: “My website gets hundreds of links that seem to be