Real Estate Advertising in 2018: 4 Ways to Cleverly Lure New Clients

Selling is an art, and advertising is your most valuable instrument. If you treat it as such, you’ll able to completely transform your real estate advertising methods and grab your audience’s attention.

If you’re in the industry, you know that real estate agencies are not a rarity. What makes your job even more challenging is the fact that everyone in your line of business uses the same tools and methods. The contemporary technology is available and cost-efficient.

Therefore, it all comes down to how you use it.  Learn more about real estate marketing 

Implement Augmented Reality


Although the online real estate market is becoming more popular, a significant number of your potential clients is still hesitant.

The only reason clients still prefer meeting with agents face-to-face is the lack of a genuine real estate experience. So, it’s your job to bring your services closer to your audience.

This might have been challenging up until recently, but with the use of augmented reality, you can make a serious difference. By implementing AR technology to your business, you’ll allow your clients to see all the nooks and crannies of every piece of real estate you have to offer.

Naturally, you should strive towards using virtual reality, but if this technology is currently too expensive for you, VR will do the trick.

Make the Process Effortless

Many people who are in need of a home still haven’t started the entire process because they believe it will completely drain their energy.

An effective method to make your company stand out is to make the purchasing process effortless. You can do this by publishing guides and articles on how to purchase a piece of real estate with no hassle. Besides, doing so will drive even more traffic to your website because of the additional blog activity.

Evoke Daydreaming

Real estate agents aren’t selling a product – they are selling a dream.

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They have the power of sneaking into the minds of their customers and using their already existing aspirations. Every person has their own version of an ideal home – the idea is already there, you just need to awaken it.

Powerful visual content is all you really need. With high-quality photos and videos developed around a certain dream and a lifestyle, you’ll be able to make your clientele yearn for a piece of real estate in your offer.

Hyperlocal Your Content


Content localization is a mandatory process for real estate companies. The first thing your potential client will look for is a specific country, region, and address.

However, you can do so much more than localizing – you can hyperlocalized your content. You can geotag, retarget, post detailed information about particular neighborhoods, cleverly use local citations, etc.

Because of hyper-localization, Google will value your online content more and rank you higher, and your clientele will be able to find you quickly.

To popularize your online content, you need to go beyond the simple use of tools at your disposal – you need to take advantage of them. If you do so, and if you put some additional effort into your advertising campaigns, you’ll be able to cash in on your clients’ satisfaction,

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